The Brownlow Medal count is on for another year and with Mamamia’s resident AFL fans Lucy and Jamila both nursing their wounds from the weeks past (Demons and Pies supporters respectively) – we’re free to focus exclusively on what really matters. And that’s the dresses.

So yes, we’re avidly and without shame watching AFL players’ wives, girlfriends and mothers do their thing on the red carpet.

Here’s what they’re wearing (we’ll be updating our gallery through the night, so keep coming back for more!):

Chris Judd and Rebecca (Tweeted from @AFLBrownlow)

There may have been a whole heap of different winners of the actual Brownlow Medal but in the fashion stakes there is a clear and recurring champion: Rebecca Judd.

Year after year the girl gets it right. She puts a modern twist on simple elegance: moving from a gorgeous floor length low cut red number one year to bright and happy yellow the next, then on to delicate pink and white lace.

She’s like a pin-up fashion chameleon.  Every single year she just kicks goal after goal (see what I did there with the football pun? Okay, not funny. Fine – we’ll stick with the chameleon analogy).

Oh, and if you’re curious about the sport side of things, but – like me – know very little (read: nothing) about AFL, here’s what tonight is all about, courtesy of Wikipedia:

The Chas Brownlow Trophy — better known as the Brownlow Medal, , is awarded to the “fairest and best” player in the Australian Football League during the regular season (i.e., not including finals matches) as determined by votes cast by the officiating umpires after each game. It is the most prestigious award for individual players in the AFL. It is also widely acknowledged as the highest individual honour in the sport of Australian rules football.

If you’re feeling a little fashion inspired (shameless plug alert!) head here to visit Mamamia Shopping and check out their latest special occasion outfits… (seriously, do, Mamamia Shopping never disappoints). Or flick through the gallery below for some of our favourites:

Gloss Fashion dress - $129.95 (Available from Mamamia Shopping)

Who was your best dressed this year?

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