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Two of this year's Bachelors are 'young and dumb'. The other is Thomas.

You know what I knew about love at 25? Zilch. Nada. A big fat nothing.

You know what I was doing at 27? I was living it up in London, having the best time of my goddamn life.

And yet those are the ages of two of our Bachelors: Jed is 25 and Felix is 27. And, compared to 35-year-old Thomas, you can tell that these two men are just not ready for everlasting commitment.

Now, I must state a few disclaimers: Firstly, there will of course be people in their 20s who are in long-term, successful relationships. I'm not saying they don't exist. I am saying that MOST OF THE TIME when you are in your 20s, you don't know what the heck you want. Or, more specifically, WHO the heck you want.

Secondly, Jed is lovely. He is warm, funny, relatable, and just generally a good guy. But that doesn't mean he isn't young and dumb. Because he most definitely is.

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As I've been recapping this season of The Bachelors, it's fair to say I've noticed a few things.

One of them is how Thomas has built connections much more easily and solidly than his counterparts. He chose the right people on his blind dates at the beginning. He asked the right questions. He let go of the right people. He fell in love. 

On the flip side of the coin, Felix fell into bad player-like behaviour: kissing women aggressively in front of his other dates, prioritising physical chemistry above all else, making weird Hannibal Lecter tongue gestures, and generally just giving everyone watching at home - and our Queen Yuri - the "ick".


It took Felix ages to finally start seeing some sense, and he's currently displaying some semblance of growth. I mean, he's still dumb because he hasn't let go of Jessica yet, but in the last few episodes he seems to have matured.

While Jed is not as bad as Felix, he also took forever to form deep connections with his dates, and even now, I think the only person he has actually formed a real connection with is Alesia. And I don't really know much about Alesia to be honest - I don't think he has truly asked her that much about herself. He says he wants to settle down and be with just one person... but does he really?

Let's face it, at 35, you know yourself better than you did at 25. I'm not being ageist, I'm being realistic. 

By the time you've reached your 30s, you've gone through some sh*t. It starts to define who you are. And you start looking at the future, where you want to be, what you want to be doing, and who you want to be doing it with. In your 20s, you're living in the moment. That's the best part of being young.

All I'm saying is that Thomas has always been the most suitable Bachelor. The Bachelor who is there for the right reasons, at the right time. Does that make him the most interesting Bachelor? No, that award goes to Jed. Does that make him the most dramatic Bachelor? No, that award goes to Felix.

But is he the Bachelor whose love story I'm most invested in? Yes. Because I think that this could be one for the ages.

Feature Image: Network 10.

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