Did this photo just tell us who won The Bachelor?


This photo may have just given away EVERYTHING.

Last night’s loser Louise has thrown up ANOTHER photo on Instagram that we can’t stop staring at.

Half of Blake’s old girlfriends are in it. The final two girlfriends are in it.

And finalist Lisa is looking seriously coy. AND HIDING HER LEFT HAND.

Is it because it’s weighed down by a massive dirty diamond ring, that Blake gave her in the final episode that airs tonight?


Lisa in the middle, looking smug.

AND LOOK. There is Anna from the last season of the Bachelor. She WON last season. She was the last girlfriend standing. She and Tim Robard are still together, AND living together, AND constantly posing for magazines showing that they are still together and living together (probs also to rub it in to all those loser girlfriends who missed out on the final rose. Losers).

And Anna is sitting right next to Lisa, with Sam shunted to the side.


It’s just a photo. But it could be much, much more.

Final Bachie tonight. Breathe in the magic.


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