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Bachelor in Paradise's Sam says there's one co-star he's banned from his upcoming wedding.

They were the unlikely couple in the early days of Bachelor in Paradise, but there’s no denying that Australia has fallen completely in love with Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic.

After keeping their engagement a secret for nearly six months, Sam and Tara are said to be very excited about going public with their relationship and planning their wedding.

But it appears there will be one Bachelor in Paradise co-star who won’t be invited. In fact, according to 31-year-old Sam, they’ve been banned from attending the wedding.

“Daniel from Canada won’t be at the wedding, I’ll tell you that,” he told Yahoo Be.

“He was quite arrogant in his comments and very un-Australian in the way that he approached.”

He also said that some of the things he overheard Daniel say were “very cringeworthy”.

But if you thought Daniel was offended by the fact that he’s being left off the guest list, you’d be mistaken.

Daniel says he “hardly knew him'”and “it would be weird if they [Sam and Tara] invited me”.

Sure, Daniel. We believe you.

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