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Bachie fave Tara Pavlovic has been flirting with Sam "Man Bun" Cochrane and GOD NO.

Oh heck no.

We have a man bun situation.

A man bun emergency.

A man bungency, if you will.

Everyone’s favourite bachie bogan, Tara Pavlovic, has been flirting with Sam “Man Bun” Cochrane.

This is not a thing that should happen.

Tara is an angel sent from heaven to hang around the pool and drink beers with the boiz and say things like “Oi, mate. Chuck us another beer”.

And Sam is the kind of bloke who gets distracted by a woman’s “cans”.

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And we have Sam’s lack of knickers to blame for this whole rose-themed catastrophe.

You see, on Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise Sam and Tara decided to have a lil’ session after their other halves, Michael and Keira, went on a date together.

While sitting on a lounger and havin’ a chat to Tara, Sam placed a cushion on his, erm, nether regions.

Tara quipped, “Covering your vag?” to which Sam replied, “I’m not wearing undies, I don’t want a ball to slip out”.

And then they laughed like it was the funniest goddamn thing they had ever heard because it was about balls and balls are funny.

Sam then said if he got a date card he would take Tara and she replied, “We would have the best time”.  And no you would not, Tara, no you would not.

Tara then remarked she was “having the best day” after she saved Sam from a scorpion which turned out to be an ant.


Later that night Sam said he’d “legit had the best time” since Keira went on her date.

“You’ve made today rad,” he told Tara. “I’ve laughed a lot.”

Tara told the camera she probably wouldn’t look at Sam and think he’s “super hot” but there’s “definitely a spark there”.

“We’re on the same page. He messes up like I mess up. We’re both these hot messes,” she said.

Earlier in the show Tara asked Sam whether they were each other’s rebounds with Michael and Keira away.

“It feels that way at the moment,” Sam replied.

And… NO.

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