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Bachelor In Paradise's Lisa just called Luke a "douche bag" and all hope is lost.

After their walk-out from Monday night’s Bachelor In Paradise, we thought Lisa Hyde, 31, and Luke McLeod, 33, were going to leave as a success story.

The two left the show to “pursue their relationship in the outside world,” however it seemed that sometime between then and the show going to air, their love was very much lost.

Lisa yesterday all but confirmed that Luke had been unfaithful, and said the “trust [was] broken”.

Bachelor in Paradise Luke and Lisa
We had such great hopes... but alas. Image: Channel 10.

Speaking to Now to Love, when asked whether she preferred The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise, she gave a rather scathing response.

She said that while Paradise offered a more "realistic way to meet someone," she enjoyed the "really solid group of girls" and more extravagant dates from her first Bachie stint.

She then killed off any glimmer of hope we had of her and Luke getting back together: "Look, on both shows I met a douche bag - so what do you go with? Go with the extravagant dates!"


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In his exit interview with Now to Love, Luke gave insight into what made it so hard to be together after they left Fiji.

"We did the best we could," he said, drawing on the difficulty of being in a "secret relationship."


"It was an interesting dynamic to come back to because we couldn't be seen together in public. Everyone assumes you're single," Luke said.

"It's difficult because you want to be a normal couple and you want to just make it work. I don't think we fully expected that."

When pressed on the cheating claims, Luke deflected, and stated that he preferred to keep matters hush.

"I was really disappointed that someone had violated our trust and shared the message," he said.

"There's always two sides to a story and I have a lot of respect for Lisa. I don't want to talk too much about it. There has be some level of dealing with the relationship – just the two of us."

Both Luke and Lisa say they are now on "talking terms".

Just don't expect to see any mango daiquiris shared between the two of them anytime soon.