Excuse us, we've found Leah Costa's mysterious fiancé... we think.

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Well, yes. She’s hardly dragged us here, but she has made it easy for us to get strung so far.

Little bread crumbs, evasive comments, a big diamond ring.


I don’t know why. Maybe it’s high time for a hobby or two, but now isn’t the hour for existential crises. We have cases to crack, couples to expose, fiancés to find.

She’s told us he lives in Melbourne. She’s told us we might “know his face”. She’s told us they’ve been friends for years.

Now, we present you this:

Is this… is this he?

From what we can glean, he lives in Melbourne, so that’s a tick. It would appear the two have actually been friends for years, so yes, another tick. But, ah, the face? We would hate to soil Leah’s game or expose our truest, most ignorance colours, but if we’re honest, we have not a clue who this man is.

We do not know his face. Is this an us problem? Am I the idiot? Could this man be the fifth member of The Beatles and I’m so young and dumb his existence has passed me by? Pray tell.

Naturally, we did some digging. Nay, googling. Nay, stalking.

We jumped on Feel the Buzz’s Instagram. Of course, like any good secret fiancé, his name is nowhere to be seen. Nice work, Buzz. Good for Leah, not for you, because I hereby declare your name Buzz for entirety of this article.

Oh, and yes, I obviously found his photography business page. Yes, I obviously clicked the tab that says “contact”, smug in my belief his name would be there and I, Zara McDonald, would crack the great big case of Leah Costa’s love life. No, it wasn’t. Yes, this mystery just deepened. Yes, I was annoyed.

The Instagram followers

Buzz has 3,276 followers. That is a greater number of Instagram followers than I. I would dub 3,276 followers the amount of Instagram followers that makes you well known. Popular even. Probably hot. Probably not famous.

I believe this number falls into the realm of men we MAY “know the face of”, but don’t DEFINITELY “know the face of”.

The Instagram photos

So, here’s a photo with a little back cuddling going on:


And here’s another where he hints to the need to “celebrate”.

Also, don’t think I didn’t notice the hashtag that reads “is that water”. Of course I am going to recklessly assume there’s a baby involved, now. Blame the insinuation, don’t shoot the messenger.

The OLD photos

Leah tells us her and her fiancé are old friends. Let me offer the following:



Photos from 2016 = old friends. An easy equation for my mathematically illiterate mind.

And finally, to round this out, may I present this:

This is a comment from "death gin" on Leah's latest Instagram. No, "death gin" doesn't follow Leah per se but he knows Buzz so well he is calling Buzz BUZZ. A clue? I think yes.

And, well, that's all I've got.

But may I conclude with this: If I have just accidentally just written an entire 650-word exposé on a strange man who is not, and never will be, engaged to Leah Costa, may I offer my sincere condolences and hope the link to your photography business is sound consolation.

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