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mamamia-user-287309801 September 6, 2020

And this poor family that was imprisoned for 2 years & had their name dragged through the mud have been found innocent & acquitted. 

A story about that injustice would be quite timely.

Megan February 20, 2020

Survivor forever! MAFS never!!!

Megan May 12, 2019

I clicked the article just to confirm that everyone hated vile peas like myself, only to find most of my fav foods listed instead!
Raspberries? Rockmelon? Almond milk? Beetroot, zucchini, mushrooms & sweet potato chips??? She must be trolling us. It’s the only reasonable conclusion I can come up with

Megan June 18, 2018

I’m sorry that happened to you. How utterly terrifying & shocked you must have been.
I don’t know what I would do in a situation like that, I’m sure it’s a fight or flight instinct & you just react.
I live in Sydney, have never owned a car & travel by public transport at night, but mostly walk everywhere & have done so for more than 20years.
After Jill Meagher’s attack & murder, I got really angry at that sentiment for women to not be out after dark by themselves. Defiantly, I walked after dark by myself, midnight when finishing work or after a night out, no cabs or lifts from friends. I continue to do so & wont change my behaviour because some politician, police or whoever says so. I am vigilant but I refuse to be scared.
How dare we be made to think this is our problem?!

Megan April 23, 2018

Ohh the draaama continues...
As Keira said regarding Leah during the rose ceremony, boring!

Megan April 18, 2018

I know right. Like how she states Bad Neighbours 2 is funny & entertaining. Using that same principle, everything I thought to be true, is a lie 😱

Megan April 10, 2018

I can definitely understand Laurina wanting to leave if she was keeping all of that emotional pain inside. It was too soon after her brother’s death & to be expected to connect with someone romantically, she wouldn’t have been in the right headspace. I know that I wouldn’t.

Megan April 3, 2018

Very looking forward to seeing this. I just hope other cinema-goers will be able to refrain from talking or laughing due to the built up tension to avoid annoying the grown ups that are there to enjoy this type of movie.
Definitely won’t be going on a Friday or Saturday night when all the douches seem to frequent the movies.

Megan March 19, 2018

Agreed. Unless you have a dog with you, please stay out of the dog park. This is the specific purpose of them.
Dogs are excluded from playgrounds by law. This is why there are dog parks, so our dogs have somewhere they’re allowed to exercise, run & socialise.

Megan March 18, 2018

Me too, guest. Animal cruelty has never looked like a fun day out to me

Megan March 12, 2018

What a good boy indeed. First place for being entertaining & an independent thinker. Don’t let the man keep you down Kratu, you magnificent woofer

Megan March 9, 2018

I love Seven Seconds. The style & pacing is reminiscent of The Killing which was also fabulous. Acting is superb & the characters are multi dimensional. I liked that it isn’t constantly fast & action packed from scene to scene. It reflects life realistically in that there are pauses & times of quiet. Sometimes a poignant look conveys more than an entire spiel of dialogue.

Megan September 16, 2017

And this is why dogs are greater than people. They don't get all judgey

Megan June 10, 2017

Agreed. I found it dull, predictable & far fetched. The hype surrounding this movie is ludicrous. As was the atrocious storyline.

Megan June 6, 2017

Shame it's such a dud of a film. Boring beyond belief & atrocious storyline.

Megan April 23, 2017

Sorry for being crass, but it just makes me think of a used tampon 😳

Megan April 15, 2017

What an appalling & dismissive thing to say.

Megan April 10, 2017

Fabulous! So many towels is amazing. That
chick rocks. And Michael is a douche.

Megan February 10, 2017

Yes, I think that may actually be the case.

Megan February 10, 2017

If that wasn't so ridiculous, it would be laughable. I can't even comprehend how one would go about proving not to be a pedophile. And to be accused while just sitting. Too many people in everyone's business these days.