EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor in Paradise moment we weren't shown that could've changed everything.

When Bachelor in Paradise started last week, many of us were left wondering where the drama was at. After an epic season of Married at First Sight we wanted more… lives ruined. A friggin love triangle (that was honestly never a love square) simply wasn’t enough.

But then Tuesday night happened and Blake called Laurina Lenora and Florence threw a champagne at Jake and now we’re fine.

"I wont that wun."

Perhaps the biggest bombshell of the night was Jake sending Florence home, after a) taking her on a date last week and making out with her, b) convincing her to give him her rose at last week's ceremony, and c) telling her 81 times how beautiful she looked.

What added to the tension in the lead up to Jake's decision was his bizarre whispering-while-actually-just-speaking-at-normal-volume to Michael, as he begged him to choose Florence.

"I'm going to cry," Jake said in earshot of Michael. "Just pick Flo please. I'm not... I can't pick her."

"Neither can I," Michael replied, to which Jake said, "Please, please pick Flo".

Of course, Michael didn't pick Flo, instead choosing Leah, leaving Jake to make the final decision between Megan and Flo.

We debrief on ALL the biggest talking points from last night's episode, on our Bach Chat podcast. Post continues after audio. 

But speaking to Mamamia on Wednesday morning, Jake said his conversation with Michael was highly edited. "That's not actually what Michael and I were disagreeing about," he said.


"You know, when Mack picked Ali it threw the whole thing out of wack and we were all very lost.

"Look, I knew I was giving the last rose, and Michael was before me. So... Michael muttered under his breath, he's like, I'm sorry bro but I'm picking Megan, and my reaction was, no, please don't do that, I was always giving my rose to Megan, and I didn't want him to take that away from me.

"What they didn't show is he didn't necessarily want to pick Leah, so that's why I said, well pick Flo then. I didn't want him picking Megan. That's what I wanted."


So just to get it straight - had Jake just let Michael pick Megan, he could've picked Flo, and they both would've stayed. Meaning Florence didn't actually need to go home last night.

I asked Jake, "so... theoretically, if you had picked Flo, Megan would've stayed anyway..." and he reiterated that it was important to him that he be the one to give Megan a rose.

"If I'm being honest, at the end of the day I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings or send anyone home, but... I wanted to give my rose to Megan that's what Michael and I were arguing about, I guess, under our breaths.

"The rose was a big statement, and I wanted to give it to Megan."

Florence must be so mad right now.

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