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"At least you haven't lied to me." Bill Goldsmith is throwing all kinds of shade on Instagram.


For someone who “just wants to move on with my life”, Bill Goldsmith sure is sharing some interesting Bachelor in Paradise-related content on his Insta.

The reality TV star shared a photo of himself with his french bulldog at a Melbourne cafe (presumably walking distance from the dog park) on Thursday with a very… shady caption.

“At least you haven’t lied to me compulsively for the past six months,” he wrote. “You show me unconditional love.”


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He also posted some telling quotes to his story, about liars and being “done” with someone.

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Are these some not-so-subtle digs at ex-girlfriend Alex Nation? Given he's openly referencing his time on the show we think... Yes.

But it gets even juicier.

A follower called out Bill's caption, referring to his Alex/Flo love-triangle and subsequent fallout on the show, and said he was not in a position to call out liars.

"You haven’t earned the right to comment until you put yourself in the arena," Bill responded.

"Whether or not I’ve been in reality TV or not is irrelevant and is just another attempt from you to deflect and derail the conversation with empty words," the follower responded.

"To blame editing and get on Instagram and re-post all these vague pseudo-intellectual posts and play the victim is nothing but manipulative."

Bill then deflected, again. The follower called him out for it, again. And so on for approximately 100 years (or five minutes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).


And well, that wise follower has a point.

Bill received a lot of criticism for gaslighting Alex and Flo during Paradise.

The 32-year-old denied propositioning Flo during a single date, despite the exchange being caught on camera, and Alex later found out about it from Flo.

Nonetheless, Bill and Alex left the show together and pursued a relationship in the real world. Ultimately, however, it didn't work out.

After telling Alex he loved her in the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Bill changed his mind weeks later and retracted his "I love you". By then, Alex was closed off from the possibility of pursuing any form of relationship.

When asked about their relationship after the show finished airing, Bill refused to tell Mamamia anything.

“Yeah we met on a reality TV show,” he said, recognising the irony and pre-empting the obvious retort, “but once the cameras stop rolling it’s just between me and her. I don’t see why Australia needs to know what happened between us… it’s quite ridiculous to be honest.”

He complained that audiences only saw "about 20 per cent of what happened", but wouldn't offer up examples of what was left on the cutting room floor.

Despite receiving what he called a "bad edit", Bill said he held no grudges (though his recent Insta activity suggests this wasn't true).

"This happened in November last year," he said - his "duh" tone heard loud and clear. "It’s been six months, I just want to move on with my life."

We... just don't understand.