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Excuse us, but Sophie and Brittany might do The Bachelorette together next year.



Something big be goin’ down in Bachelorette land.

You see, rumours are circulatin’ that Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley might do The Bachelorette as co-bachelorettes next year.

That means they would both be going on dates, talking about their feelings on fancy couches, and handing out roses.

An insider apparently told NW the producers came up with the idea in an attempt to claw back the ratings after Ali Oetjen’s dismal season.

“Instead of just one girl handing out the roses, they figured why not get both of them in the mansion and have a double Bachelorette,” the insider said.

“They’re already best friends, and have dated the same guy once before and were able to respect that and make it work. So it’s easy for them to do it again, this time with a whole batch of boys.”


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Yep, still enjoying a wine together ✨

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In case you missed it, Sophie and Brittany were the two finalists on this year’s season of The Bachelorette. They both walked away with nothing after a certain member of the small weasel family decided to chuck a “Honey Badger” and chose neither of them.

The season ended with the two girls comforting each other in a hotel room in New Caledonia.

So it makes sense that they could do the show together… but we have so many questions.

Like… would they date the same guys?

Would they both hand out roses each week or would it be one week on/one week off like Bachelor in Paradise?

What if all the guys like one woman and not the other?

How does Osher fit into this/how would he count the roses?


I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what’s announced in the coming months.

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