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"She's a master manipulator." Bachelor in Paradise's Rachael Gouvignon on Alex Nation.


The biggest feud on Bachelor in Paradise was one we didn’t see.

Rachael Gouvignon and Alex Nation hadn’t spoken to each other since they appeared as contestants in Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor. When Rachael left the show she was open about her animosity towards Alex, claiming the 27-year-old winner had spread lies about her.

The bachie alums were reunited on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, but they were rarely seen interacting with each other.

Speaking to Mamamia on FridayRachael explained she outwardly avoided Alex during her time in paradise.

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“I was always wary that she was going to create another lie about me,” she said. “I didn’t want anything to do with it and I just sat back and watched her do the same thing [to others].

The 34-year-old believes her fellow bach alum, who was most recently getting close to Bill Goldsmith and Brooke Blurton in paradise, is playing the game in a big way.

“I just thought I can’t be near this person, she’s playing the game, she’s very dangerous in the fact that she’s so good at lying,” she said. “She’s definitely not a person I’d like to bump into because I think she’s hurt a lot of people.”

Rachael said we’re definitely not seeing the real Alex on our TV screens.

“Alex is definitely playing a big game in all of this. It’s just unfortunate that the viewers aren’t seeing everything that happened because she does it in such a way… it’s very conniving. She’s like a master manipulator.


“It’s just sad to see people falling into the trap of Alex because I don’t think her heart is pure.”

Rachael, who left paradise on Thursday night after she didn’t receive a rose, believes the tide will eventually turn on Alex who is currently one of the most popular contestants on the show.

“I’ve talked to a lot of contestants and I feel that a lot of people feel the same.”

Rachael also told Mamamia there was a lot more to her relationship with Nathan than what we saw onscreen.

“Nathan was having sleepovers quite a few nights… that’s how deep my relationship was with Nathan ,” she said. “We spent a lot of time together, like a lot more than what you guys have seen.”

She had no idea the 23-year-old was spending time with Brooke as well, until she watched Wednesday night’s episode.

“Both him and I had said ‘right let’s do this, let’s go for it’. Meanwhile, he was going behind my back and hanging out with Brooke and I had no idea.

“Even watching it last night I had no idea of the extent,” she said. “He said to Zoe last night that he wasn’t interested in me in that way and used me for a rose so that was shocking to me.

“I’m just really disappointed that I was just one of his chess pieces that he was playing with to get where he wanted to be.”