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Inside the rumour that Richie and Alex’s Bachelor in Paradise argument was more fiery than what we saw.

Channel 10 has been giving itself a good ol’ pat on the back for airing the “longest unedited scene in reality TV history”.

In case you missed it, that scene was the uncomfortable confrontation between exes Richie and Alex on Bachelor in Paradise.

But apparently, we’ve been duped by the editors once again.

Woman’s Day claim the nine-minute exchange went down very differently to what we saw.

Here’s the teaser Ten fed us in the week before the fight. Post continues after video.

Video by Ten

Richie and Alex met on his Bachelor season in 2016, but broke up a year after the finale. The confrontation was the first time they’d sat down with each other since.

Alex implied throughout their conversation that their relationship crumbled after Richie missed an event of hers that “no woman should go through alone”.

Richie retorted; “Don’t beat around the bush Alex, say it. Because you’re not gonna like my response.”

He also made mention of the way he found out about their relationship ending, via text.

“It was quite a large shock to wake up in the morning and see your relationship ending.”

why did alex and richie break up
Channel Ten made it clear the nine-minute confrontation was 'completely unedited.' Image: Ten.

But apart from the tense war of words, their conversation appeared to end with the pair wishing each other well in finding love on the show.

But, apparently a source told Woman's Day that Alex actually stormed off after the "tense aftermath" of their chat.

"They tried to stay civil for the sake of the cameras, but the minute that conversation was over, Alex got up and stormed off set," the source claimed.

A spokesperson for the network denied the magazine's claims, and we at Mamamia have our own evidence to add to the mix.

After Cat Henesy left the show, we got the chance to chat to her and debrief about everything that went down in Fiji. So, of course we asked about the Richie and Alex incident.

"We were all watching from a distance. We had no idea what was going on and they came back and kind of blended back in with everyone and didn't say a word about what had happened.  They didn't give us any insight. I watched what they spoke about as you did too," she told us.

Aka, both came back together, and no storming off from Alex.