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Oh. It seems Alex Nation didn't know the details of Bill and Flo's date... until last night.


Well, that was a drama filled episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Wowee.

We opened with one set of couples, and ended with a complete re-write of the romances. But nothing was more of a shock than Bill Goldsmith’s date with Florence Alexander, and the fallout that followed.

Alex Nation, it appears, was just as shocked as the rest of us, as she watched on from her lounge room last night.

She took to Instagram to debrief: “Hooley Dooley that was hard.”

“Sadly we aren’t privy to seeing everything that unfolds in paradise and it’s hard to learn some harsh truths watching it back months later.

“Thankful for friendships like this one Cass.”


As the episode begins, Bill is whisked off for a date on a yacht with Flo.

She openly admits that they’d met on the outside, been on a few dates, and even shared a kiss.

Bill, very convincingly, denies it all.

“Nah, we didn’t kiss,” he shrugs.

Meanwhile, back in paradise, Alex is cutting things off with her other love interest Brooke, so she can focus on her blossoming romance with Bill.

“My feelings for Bill have surpassed my feelings for Brooke,” Alex said.

“At the end of the day, we’re all here for ourselves, and I’ve only actually known Alex for six days,” Bill announces….back on the yacht.

Well, he’s obviously keen to explore his options. Awkward.

“I think Alex Nation can do a lot better to Bill, I think he’s a snake,” Brooke tells the camera behind the scenes.


We’re shook.

Was crazy Charlie right with his unrelenting pursuit of Bill’s snakey-ness?

charlie newling instagram
Charlie, you were a slightly crazy genius. Image: Ten.

Flo and Bill's date turns to night, and there's a lot of flirting, a lot of kissing, and an overnight stay.

"Is there someone waiting up for you?" Flo asks.

"Not sure," he says.

Bill and Flo
Bill and Flo getting up close and personal on their date. Image: Ten.

Brooke drops the bombshell she is going to go home. After Alex Nation's announcement earlier in the day, she doesn't want to drag her experience out, and realises how she truly feels about American Alex.

"I'm not connecting with Alex and there's no spark and I rather walk away from this and lead him on," she says.

She is basically removing herself from the show, because Alex has committed herself to Bill.


Enter Bill.

Hand in hand in with Flo.

And then we witness Bill lying through his teeth about his date, during a chat with Alex.

(Does he remember we can all see him, or no?)

Bill says he had the sickest feeling the whole time on the date because he was thinking of Alex.


"Obviously what we had was really nice," he lets slip.

Alex retorts, "did you just say what we HAD was really nice?"

After realising his mistake Bill tries to go back on what he said, "Nah Nah Nah, sorry what we have, what we have is really nice."

Flo then gets talking to the other contestants and realises Bill has taken her for a little bit of a ride, failing to let her know about how close he was to Alex back in paradise.

Bill gives his rose to Alex. But has conspired with American Alex so he can ensure Flo is also kept in Fiji.

The girls pull each other aside afterwards for a chat. Flo reveals all the lovely things Bill said to her, and that he "put her mind at ease" about spending more time with her on the show. Basically implying she would get his rose.


Alex is raging, and we're with you girl.

Bill was in bed with her the morning before, and now he's ready to snuggle in under the sheets with Flo.

She pissed. Big time.

Watch a snippet of their conversation here. Post continues after video.

Video by Ten

Bill responds to the allegations with, "Bulls**** that's a load of s***"

"I was not like that, I'm not going around doing that."

Alex asks, "why would she say that?"

Bill says, "Because she's a f***ing sulky b****

"And she knew that I wasn't giving her a rose and she's trying to make my life hell, that is who she is she is a f***ing conniving piece of s***"

"And be aware moving forward she's probably out to get me" he adds.

Wow Bill. Wow.