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"We will never speak again": Simone shares the truth about her 'friendship' with Elora.


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Are Bachelor in Paradise’s Simone and Apollo still together?

After the couple left paradise on Monday night’s episode to see if their feelings for each other were real (and not a side effect of Wais’ cocktails), that’s all we really want to know.

Bachelor in Paradise is, after all, a show about finding love. And so far we’ve seen surprisingly little of that on our screens.

Unfortunately, the lack of true love continues, with Simone confirming she and Apollo are no longer in a relationship. But it’s her supposed relationship with fellow contestant Elora that Simone really wanted to clarify for viewers.

Side note – let’s take a moment to acknowledge the real hero of Bachelor in Paradise, Wais. Post continues after video.

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“Obviously [our friendship] was really ‘made out’ on the show. It looked like we were friends, but we really weren’t,” Simone told Mamamia.

“We haven’t been friends for a long time now. And we never will be. We will never speak again, [we’ve had] no contact since being on the outside.”

Despite how it looked to us watching at home, Simone said Elora really didn’t have an impact on her and Apollo’s relationship. It also had nothing to do with why they couldn’t make things work on the outside.


“[Us not working out had] literally nothing to do with Elora or the show. I think on the show [it came across] we weren’t the right people for each other, but honestly we got along so well, we laughed so much and our personalities are quite suited because we’re both big kids so we did have a lot of fun. It was literally just the timing,” she said.

“[The drama on the island] was completely forgotten about, it wasn’t really spoken about, when we got back to the hotel in Fiji we just spent time together doing normal things and relaxing and it was so nice and we didn’t speak about any of it. Other than, we said how crazy it all was but we didn’t bring [the drama with Elora] up at all.

“When we left paradise obviously we were together, we FaceTimed everyday and then I decided to go to the Gold Coast for a month just to give things a go, but it was really hectic.

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“He’s at a time in his life where he’s focusing on his career and he travels so much so there wasn’t any time to spend together. And then living in different states is very hard because neither of us want to move right now, but we never said ‘this is it, it’s not working’, we just fizzled out a bit.

“We talk most days on the phone, we’re still friends. We’re on good terms and obviously I have a lot of time for him, he’s adorable and you never know. I haven’t met anyone else yet.”

Even though she didn’t find love on Bachelor in Paradise, Simone doesn’t regret coming on the show or the way she was portrayed. The only thing she would change about her time on the island is her comment about Rachel’s weight.

“The only thing I regret was the [flab] comment I made about Rachel, I can’t even believe I said something like that, and as soon as I said it, I couldn’t believe it. That’s not what I’m about and I would never speak about a girl like that,” she said.

“I was disgusted at myself for saying that, in that situation it was a slip of the tongue. Rachel and I were friends throughout the whole show, and I think jealousy got the better of me at that point, and a lot of people say things they don’t mean in the heat of the moment. That comment was appalling, and I don’t justify that for a second.


“But a lot of it – like when you saw me doing the pretend knife thing – that was joking, I was having a mess around, a lot of it was exaggerated. I have no regrets. I was myself the whole time, I am jealous, that’s just me and who I am. I can’t help it.”

Do you think Simone and Apollo made a good match? 

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