Bachelor in Paradise's Simone has explained her awful "flab" insult aimed at Rachael.

Simone Ormesher says she regrets calling Rachael Gouvignon a “penguin” and “the flab” during Tuesday night’s Bachelor in Paradise.

The 26-year-old, who also said the new arrival wasn’t pretty, made the comments while Rachael hung out with Apollo Jackson, who Simone’s been getting close to.

While venting with Sam and Tara, Simone said Rachael was “very flirty”, prompting Sam to ask if he thinks she’s pretty.

“No, [she looks] like a penguin,” Simone replied. Then as Rachael walked past, she said “Oh look, the flab,” before quickly backtracking.

But not before it was noticed by viewers.


After also receiving some harsh words on her own on Instagram, Simone (sort of) apologised for the comments also pointing out that the show has been edited.

“Okay can please everyone remember this has been edited and cut to hell,” she wrote in a post on her Stories.

“Yes, I should not have said what I said and I regretted it straight away.

“It was not a nice thing to say at all and I hold my hands up to it.

“This is a reality TV show and made for entertainment please remember that.”

Image: Instagram

In an Instagram video that the bachelorette from Matty J's season has since deleted, she repeated that "the shows are very edited".

"I'm not a mean person... Okay I'm a bit jealous but I'm not what they're making me out to be, it's actually insane."

"I'm upset that I said a comment like that, I would never want to put anyone down at all."

Network Ten is yet to respond to Mamamia's requests for comment.

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