All the evidence that Sam Cochrane is heading to Bachelor in Paradise.


The world’s most notorious man bun is heading to Fiji for Bachelor in Paradise.

According to the Daily Mail, Sam Cochrane AKA Uncle “I’m looking at Sophie’s cans” Sam was spotted boarding a Fiji-bound flight from Sydney Airport last week.

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The publication didn’t cite any “sources” but we assume his man ban is very happy about getting a second chance to find love on a national TV show.

In case you missed it, Sophie Monk dumped Cochrane on this season of The Bachelorette after she decided he was just there for the fame.

What a crazy and incredible ride this has been. The mansion, Sophie and these incredible men. It’s a dream like sequence unlike any other that I will never forget. I hope, by putting myself out there I did my friends and family proud. It was scary and I knew I would open myself up to criticism – which despite this I tried to remain true to myself. I find great joy in making people laugh, smile and feel truly supported. I have a huge heart and I wanted to put it on the line. To risk, to remove distraction and to love. I have no regrets and I’m filled with countless beautiful memories and moments. @sophiemonk you deserve love more than most. You’re courageous, funny and have a strong need to care for others. You are one of the few truly whole hearted and beautiful people out there. I ask that Australia stand behind her and support her in finding what she has deserved for so long. Thank you to all the beautiful words from strangers that allowed me into their living room. To the people that have had shit to say – focus on something positive and look away because I’m not going anywhere. I’m sending love out to the world and I hope in some way I made you smile while on this trip. Peace ☮️ Samual x

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Of course, there’s no real evidence to support this claim ~ especially not this latest development (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Cochrane will join fellow Bach alums including Keira Macguire, Tara Pavlovic and Apollo Jackson, in what can only be described as The Hunger Games meets your year 10 formal.

There will be tears, there will be tantrums, there will be fights, and there will definitely be a sneaky pash or two.

Bachelor of Paradise will air on Channel 10 early next year. We can’t bloody wait.

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