For viewers of The Bachelor, there's one simple question about Cass on everyone's lips.

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I have an obvious question that is on everyone’s lips.

It is very important. It is one of the most pressing issues in Australia at present. Before you get too excited (or bored/confused/annoyed), no, it’s not about who our current prime minister is or what the heck is going on in Canberra at themoment (although the answer to this question is just as mysterious).

The question that has been burning my brain for the past two weeks is: If Cassie from The Bachelor has been in love with Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins since the moment she saw him (as she revealed by reading him her diary entry on Wednesday night’s ep) – why did she come on The Bachelor to potentially meet/fall in love with/have lots of sex and babies with some other dude in the first place?


Why didn’t she just stay and pursue The Badger in reality. You know, the good old fashioned way. By looking into his window late at night and stealing locks of hair from his bin to make some sort of love potion?

Here are some really well researched and entirely legitimate theories for us all to ponder:


1. Cass was heartbroken with however things ended with Honey Badger and decided to move on on national television (plausible, but too simple I think…)

2. Cass found out that Nick would be the next Bach from the phone tap she had implanted on his mobile and therefore decided to enter the mansion.

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3. Osher had a sixth sense that Cass and Honey Badger had some unfinished business (i.e.getting engaged on national television) and therefore hand selected her to participate in totally regular and not at all humiliating challenges with 24 other women for the love and attention of their shared boyfriend.

I am sure that the intention was never to embarrass anyone – it was definitely about helping people find love.

4. Cass never actually auditioned for The Bachelor. Once she saw Nick (from inside the tinted windows of her car that she follows him in daily) suit up and head toward a mansion, she thought she would frock up and join the party too. Gee she was pissed to discover that 24 other women had the same idea as her.

Whatever the reason, Australia deserves an answer.

What’s your theory? Let us know in the comments below.