'Sip and sees' and 'baby sprinkles': The pregnancy parties replacing the traditional baby shower.


I love parties, I love a drink, I love my children (not necessarily in that order) and it seems that I am not the only one.

Gone are the days of the baby shower being the one and only celebration for the upcoming arrival of a new baby, now there seems to be one for every stage and for every person associated with the cherub.

Here are some of the more ‘unique’ events that are on the schedule of parents or parents to be.

The Sip and See.

I thank my love of trashy reality television for discovering ‘The Sip and See’. This party pearl, was brought to my attention while watching Yummy Mummies, where Lorinska Merrington holds a ‘Sip and See’ for her friends, family (and TV crew) to meet her baby.

The ‘Sip and See’ is often used to combat the ‘pop in and sees’, having unannounced guests arrive on your door step after your baby arrives.

Considered a more classy gathering, it enables friends and family to meet your baby at the one event while of course sipping on a beverage or two (non-alcoholic options are of course available).

baby shower ideas
For Yummy Mummies, Sip and See parties are... not casual. Image: Channel 7.

Baby Sprinkles.

A way for an expectant mother who is having her second, third or subsequent baby to celebrate his or her impending arrival. The idea of this celebration is to ‘sprinkle’ rather than ‘shower’ the mum with gifts in a more low key fashion.

According to Shutterfly, Baby Sprinkles “are usually less extravagant and don’t require as much work. From decorations to food, everything is simplified and more modest. Baby sprinkles last 2-3 hours and are always shorter than a baby shower.” So there you go.

And for a visual here is an example of a ‘low key’ Baby Sprinkle:

baby shower ideas
Clearly... not low-key. Image: @snapshotsandmythoughts.

Ultrasound Parties. 

Maybe this is only in the US (here’s hoping) but ultrasound parties are definitely a thing.

An ultrasound technician can come to your house or party space with equipment in tow while a group of friends and family can crowd around the screen, drink in hand, while they squirt the sticky jelly on your tummy and scan your baby.

Sometimes used to reveal the gender of a child, other times just a general sneaky squiz at your bundle before it has even entered the world.

This possibly sounds like the worst party idea I have ever heard of.

baby shower ideas
A private moment is now a party. Image: Getty.

Dad-chelor parties. 

Also referred to as ‘Huggies and Chuggies’, ‘ and ‘Daddy Baby-Qs’ these parties are a way for the fathers to be to celebrate.

In 2015 Pinterest searches for the term "man showers" increased by 149%, and "co-ed showers," celebrations for both moms and dads, increased by 255%.

This trend is definitely something that has grown momentum over the past few years with many men feeling “left out” of the traditional baby shower celebration and wanting their own event to celebrate becoming a father.

Pinterest can assist with any Dad-Chelor Party planning with a huge variety of themes, games, cakes and gift ideas (mostly involving beer and food).
Get ready for the Dad-Chelor party. Image: Etsy.

Grandma Showers.

Not only are ‘mums and dads to be’ showered with a celebration for their future baby but now, so are Grandmas.

Yep, Grandma Showers, where the ‘Mums of Mum and Dad to be’ are ‘showered’ with gifts to commemorate their forthcoming move into grandparent-hood.

While researching this new apparent ‘trend’ I came across an ENTIRE search for it on Pinterest including ‘Grandma to be’ cakes and guidelines on how to host the perfect Grandma Shower. This includes themes, games and appropriate gifts including this ‘must have’.

So if you’re a partly lover and a ‘mum or dad (or grandma) to be’ it is time to get planning!

Shona Hendley is a freelance writer from Victoria. An ex secondary school teacher, Shona has a strong interest in education. She is an animal lover and advocate, with a morbid fascination for true crime and horror movies. Shona is usually busy writing and raising her children: two goats, two cats and two humans. You can follow her on Instagram

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