It's only March but we already know the most popular baby names of 2018 so far.

We might only be a quarter of our way into 2018, but when it comes to baby names there are already dominant trends arising.

According to UK-based online pregnancy and parenting resource BabyCentre, well-loved names like Sophia and Oliver continue to hold their popularity, while Emma is still the top name for baby girls, which hasn’t changed since 2017.

Surprisingly, despite the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry consistently in the headlines, Meghan isn’t on the list, but Charlotte (the name of Kate and Wills’ second child) has made it to number nine.

On the topic of baby names, have you noticed that the name ‘Nigel’ is now more or less non-existent? We discuss why, on our podcast for imperfect parents. Post continues after audio.

Interestingly George – which was sitting at number five on the name chart in December of 2017, four months ago, has now dropped out of the top 10.

For all the popular baby names that you’re going to be seeing positively everywhere, read the lists below.

Top baby girl names for girls in 2018 so far…

1. Emma

2. Olivia

3. Ava

4. Isabella

5. Sophia

6. Mia

7. Amelia

8. Harper

9. Charlotte

10. Mila

Top baby boy names for boys in 2018 so far…

1. Liam

2. Noah

3. Logan

4. Oliver

5. Mason


7. Ethan

8. Elijah

9. Aiden

10. James

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