"I hate it." The mum so embarrassed by her baby's name she wants to change it.


Finding the perfect baby name is no easy feat.

From ruling out the names that make you feel uncomfortable – think someone who bullied you in high school – to arguing over potential baby names with your partner, it can be incredibly tough.

But when you’ve got family in your ear sharing their opinions too, it’s even worse.

For one single mum, things got complicated when she decided to impulsively change her newborn’s name after she discovered none of her family members approved the name she originally chose.

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Although the woman originally planned to call her son Jarrah, she ended up changing his name to Ezra to please her family.

“I had a name picked out for my son that I had always planned to call him,” the woman wrote on Mumsnet.

“After giving birth, I found out no one in my family approved of the name and in a horrid mixture of pregnancy hormones and anxiety, I instead chose a random name that the doctor suggested.”


Now, a year on from her son’s birth, the woman has decided she wants to switch her son’s name back to the name she originally picked.

“I have regretted this decision ever since and hate telling people his current name,” she explained.

“I’ve decided after much heartache and soul searching to change his name to what I truly wanted to call him, the name I feel suits him better than his current name.”

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But while the woman believes the name Jarrah will suit her son better, she’s concerned about her changing her son’s name could affect him.

“If I change his name now, it will forever show on his birth certificate and I will have to explain to him as an adult how I misnamed him as a child,” she said.

On Mumsnet, most users were supportive of her plan to change her son’s name.

“Change it. This really is not a big deal whatsover. In a few years, you’ll wonder why you worried,” one person responded.

“I would just do it. He really won’t care beyond an amusing story when he is older,” another said.

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