From aliens to a new virus: Here are five 2022 predictions from blind mystic Baba Vanga.

It's been a year.

It's hard to believe that one year ago we breathed a sigh of relief as 2020 came to an end. The worst year of our collective lives was over. 

Or so we thought... How naïve we were.

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Going into 2022, we're swapping our relentless optimism for careful scepticism — well armed and supported by the prophecies of Baba Vanga.

"Who is Baba Vanga?" I hear you asking. "How accurate could these chaotic predictions be?"

Well, Baba Vanga was a blind clairvoyant who died in 1996, but left predictions for every year till 5079. 

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She's gotten a few things right here and there (Barack Obama's presidency, Brexit... you know, nothing huge!) as well as plenty of things wrong. 

But in these times, stranger things have happened than a wild prediction coming true. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯

So, here are her five most outrageous predictions for 2022:

1. A "lost sense of reality."

A.K.A... A virtual reality takeover.

Even in her pre-internet days, Baba Vanga could sense the world spiralling into a technology addiction that blurred the lines between fantasy and reality, and with the launch of the metaverse, this feels a little too close to home.

Baba Vanga sees people spending more time in front of their screens than ever before and losing their sense of reality, but we probably could've told you that much for free. 

We're keeping this in mind on our next doomscroll.

2. Another pandemic (brought about by climate change).

Forget COVID, Baba Vanga says there's a new pandemic on its way.

A lethal virus that has previously been frozen in Serbia will be released due to climate change, and we're going to leave this one at that.

No more information required, thank you very much. Image: Giphy.


3. Aliens.

Prepare yourselves. 

According to Baba Vanga, an asteroid named “Oumuamua” will be sent by aliens to explore whether there is life on earth, and they might be taking a few prisoners with them. 

Image: Giphy.


4. “Intense bouts of floods” in Australia and parts of Asia.

We hate this particular theory as it feels... accurate. 

According to Baba Vanga, there will be a significant increase in natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis globally, with a particular focus on "intense bouts of floods” in Australia and parts of Asia.

With La Nina simply ~existing~, this is too close to home, thanks. 

5. A locust plague in India.

Apparently temperatures will reach over 50 degrees, locusts will attack crops and farms, and this will all lead to a great famine in India.

... Ouch. 

If you're feeling hopeless, don't fear just yet. While 2022 is feeling fairly rough, the next few years are looking up if her predictions are anything to go by.

Between 2025-2028 global hunger should be eradicated, and at some point doctors will be able to cure any disease with cloning technology.

We've got till 5078 before the world ends, so in the meantime, go forth and be ready for chaos.

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