Just 17 highly awkward photos that show what teenagers actually used to look like.

Let's all agree, teens these days don't look like teens anymore.

Honestly, they haven't for a while.

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While those of us born before the year 2000 documented our pre-teen and teen years using video cameras, self-timer on a Canon PowerShot and MySpace, the youth of today are doing TikTok dances, making 90s fashion look cool again and posting selfies to the 'gram.

Gone are the braces, unflattering side fringes, blotchy orange bronzer and the harshest of unblended foundation lines. No. Teens today know how to contour and apply false lashes. AND they can actually dance.

Case in point: this highly accurate visual representation shared on social by Whitney Sinecoff.


The real question here is... why are today's teens so... cool? Were we also that cool?

The answer is absolutely not. Likely, in part, due to the Kardashians not being a thing and not having access to Invisalign.

So, to honour our daggy teenage selves and give everyone a much-needed giggle, the Mamamia team have shared a bunch of their cringey, awkward AF teenage photos. And we'd love to see yours, too!

Keep scrolling for formal dresses, side fringes and everything in between.

"Remember what filters used to look like?!" Image: Supplied. 

"Holy sh*t I felt hot in this number." Image: Supplied. 


"I just missed the cool teen phase." Image: Supplied. 

"Anyone remember FOUNDATION LIPS?" Image: Supplied. 


"Watch out." Image: Supplied. 


"..." Image: Supplied. 


"How Year 12 formals have changed." Image: Supplied. 

"So 13yo me didn’t know wearing lip gloss would just overemphasise my moustache." Image: Supplied. 


"OK so this is horrible." Image: Supplied. 

"Wearing a very sophisticated red sash belt over a dress over jeans because, layering." Image: Supplied. 


"Wearing Supre, of course." Image: Supplied. 

"The dress that put all the others to shameeeeeee." Image: Supplied. 


"The jeans. The belt. The fringe!" Image: Supplied. 

"Waist belts were hot commodities." Image: Supplied. 

"This is what we did before selfies." Image: Supplied. 


"I had braces with metal springs, and also, my eyebrows were just growing back from me shaving them off after being bullied by a boy." Image: Supplied. 

Feature image: TikTok/Supplied.

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