This is where to get the best coffee in Australia.

Australia has a coffee habit. Flat white. Piccolo. Latte. Double shot. Deconstructed. No matter how it comes, it’s clear we love the stuff – in fact, we each spend as much as $1500 on the daily ritual every year.

Well, now you can ensure you’re getting maximum buzz for your buck thanks to Yelp’s annual list of the best coffee in the country.

Melbourne hipsterism, in coffee form. Image: Jamila Rizvi.

The site used its wealth of crowdsourced reviews to compile the 2016 list and - surprise, surprise - the best cup of joe can be found in Melbourne at perennial laneway favourite Patricia.

In fact, Victoria takes home the trophy as this year's state of single origin with 27 business in the top 100. Western Australia well an truly punched above its weight though, with an impressive 25 listings.

Video via Audra Kurtz

For the full list, check out Yelp here, otherwise here's the top ten:

  1. Patricia, Melbourne, VIC
  2. E For Ethel, North Adelaide, SA
  3. Social Brew, Pyrmont, NSW
  4. Lowdown, Perth, WA
  5. Bunker, Milton, QLD
  6. The League of Honest Coffee, Melbourne, VIC
  7. Coffee Branch, Adelaide, SA
  8. Monk Bodhi Dharma, Balaclava, VIC
  9. The Pantry on Egmont, Hawthorn, SA
  10. Toastface Grillah, Perth, WA