'I've banged on about this product for over a decade. Here's why I keep coming back to it.'

The Jojoba Company
Thanks to our brand partner, The Jojoba Company

Hello, my name is Leigh and I am a beauty expert. I've been trialling and reviewing beauty products for close to 20 years.

I always like to make that introduction as I'd never be so presumptuous as to assume you know who I am and what I do, BUT, if you’ve read my reviews for the past decade or so I’m willing to bet you've heard me talk about Australian Jojoba. Many times. 

Jojoba, commonly referred to as Jojoba oil (but I don't always use ‘oil’ at the end because guess what?! It’s not one! It’s technically a wax), is a very clever golden liquid. 

The one I use? Australian Jojoba from The Jojoba Company.

The brand is by far the biggest and most well-known Aussie Jojoba company, for good reason.


I first fell in love with it when I was having a problem with persistent breakouts around my jawline. I tried so many acne-clearing lotions, potions and even treatments, and was at the end of my tether (because hey, I am a beauty expert, why cant I fix this?!) when I slathered on some Jojoba. 

Within weeks the spots had cleared up. It was all thanks to Jojoba’s antibacterial properties and ability to help regulate my skin's oil flow. From that point on I was addicted. 

The Jojoba Company are the only ones who produce their signature Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba, which is clinically proven to have higher amounts of Omega 9 than other varieties, making its ability to provide hydration to your skin unmatched.

This exclusive strain of Jojoba is lovingly grown on their Beresford farm in New South Wales. The company is family-owned and very proud of its sustainable efforts, which gets a big tick from me.

The bean-to-bottle process is actually quite fascinating. Every individual Jojoba bean is nurtured from seedling to maturation, which takes around 8 years until it bears beans and is ready to harvest.


I was lucky enough to visit the farm about a year ago where I witnessed the process of harvesting the beans which only happens one time per year, in February or early March. 

Image: The Jojoba Company. 

They painstakingly harvest by carefully shaking the trees using a shaker to release the mature beans which drop to the ground. Then, they sweep the beans up from the ground with a sweeper harvester. They are collected in large containers, washed and sent for crushing. It’s a slow and love-filled process which gave me a whole new appreciation for the brand and products. 


50 per cent of the mass of each bean is the pure Jojoba which is extracted via cold pressing and only pressed one time, which is known as extra virgin. The Jojoba is then filtered 14 times (!!) for absolute purity and then poured straight into premium glass bottles and onto the shelf. 

Jojoba is incredibly stable and won’t go rancid as it is a wax ester, rather than an oil, so it doesn’t require a preservative to keep it fresh so nothing is added to it. It’s just pure goodness in a bottle.

If you’re new to it, there's a whole host of reasons why you (and your skin) might love The Jojoba Company products. 

Image: The Jojoba Company. 


Their incredible Jojoba moisturises and repairs sensitive and problem skin, is naturally rich in Vitamins A, D and E, plus Omegas 6 and 9. It’s amazing at soothing dryness, dehydration, redness and irritation.

It’s fantastic for all skin types, including oily! I know you don't believe it but it actually mimics the skin’s own oil, so it is able to help regulate oil flow.

The Jojoba Company is actually the first company in the world to create an entire skincare line out of their Australian grown Wadi-Wadi Jojoba.

There’s far more than just one product. This means that there’s products for teens, right through to mature skins, all featuring the goodness of Australian Jojoba.

I can't pick a personal favourite, BUT I will say that Australian Jojoba has been in my cabinet for a decade — I am never without a bottle. 


I use it at night after a hydrating serum, on breakouts to help calm and regulate, and even as a makeup remover. It truly has so many uses. I even use a big slurp in my bath and use it on my toddler, too.

The Jojoba Company is 100 per cent vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made and owned, and only uses the most powerful botanically derived ingredients.

Keen to try it yourself? Get your hands on The Jojoba Company's exclusive Australian formula on their website

Feature Image: Supplied/Mamamia.

The Jojoba Company
The Jojoba Company is the first in the world to create an entire skincare line out of their Australian grown Wadi-Wadi Jojoba. Teeming with antioxidants, omegas, and Vitamins A, D and E, our high-performing Wadi-Wadi Jojoba is the reason why our skincare can be so effective across all skin types, life stages and concerns — without the need for harmful additives, or chemical nasties. With Wadi-Wadi Jojoba at the heart of their entire skincare collection, The Jojoba Company is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made & owned, and only uses the most powerful botanically derived ingredients.