Congratulations ladies, apparently women now have three vaginas.

Did you know women actually have three vaginas?

No? You thought there was one between your legs and that was it? Ha! You silly billy. You have three.

‘Where are the other two then?’ I hear you ask. ‘How could I have missed this part of my own body and the science community neglect to correctly inform half the population about their anatomy for thousands of years?’

Well, don’t be too hard on yourself or the scientists. You see, our second and third vaginas have only recently been discovered, by the good people who brought you the thigh gap and the bikini bridge.

So where are our new vaginas? They’re under our arms.

That skin fold you may not or may not have noticed that appears in between your breast and your arm when it’s by your side – that’s your arm vagina.

You'll have to look closely to spot the arm vagina Jennifer Lawrence said she had at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild awards. (Image via Getty.)

We think congratulations are in order for this new discovery. I mean - yay! More vaginas.

Of course, they may not be quite as fun to put things, such as penises, in as your downstairs vagina (and if for you they are, no judgement). But as the symbol of all things womanly and feminine, I'm over-the-moon to have two more vaginas.

Sadly, there are some who aren't so excited about their second and third vaginas: it's why you'll see many women pose for photos with their hands on their hips.

British stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray says she sees clients who are concerned this part of their body that practically every woman has, isn't normal.

“Sometimes it's the weirdest part of their body. They say: 'I've got this horrible blah-blah', and you think 'What are they even talking about?' The one that comes up all the time is the arm vagina,” she told The Times.

Hagen Schumacher, a plastic surgeon Metro spoke to, says some people are even trying to get rid of theirs, noting a "slow but steady rise of removal surgery for armpit folds within the last few years" in the UK.

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We want to know why anyone would want to get rid of a bit of flesh that allows you to comfortably stretch your arm above your head and reach for that chocolate you've hidden on the top shelf?

One proud arm vagina holder is Jennifer Lawrence, who joked about hers (and possibly even coined the phrase?) in a 2014 interview with Giuliana Rancic at that year's SAG awards night.

"I know I have armpit fat, it's OK... it's armpit vaginas," she said.

And with Jennifer Lawrence as a fan, could there be a better reason to embrace your newfound arm vagina friends?

Now go out and show off those vaginas with pride. (But maybe just the top ones in public.)