Months after exposing his penis at the ARIAs, musician details the "heartbreaking" fallout.

When musician Kirin J Callinan lifted up his kilt and flashed the media at the 2017 Aria awards, he was not expecting the outrage that followed.

Pleading guilty at Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court this Wednesday, the 32-year-old accepted charges of wilful and obscene exposure and while no conviction was recorded the singer has been placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond.

Speaking about the moment on Channel 10’s The Project, Callinan said that what started out as something jovial in front of “a few photographers,” completely blew up the next morning.

“There were some laughs and we kept on going and did some interviews and went into the Arias. It was what it was. Good fun. And it wasn’t until the next morning that it all kind of blew up,” said the musician.

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Video via The Project

Despite expressing his remorse, Callinan said that some media reports of the incident were overly exaggerated.

Speaking about some “online blogs and other more established outlets” incorrectly reported that the flashing took place “in front of children or it happened for several moments or multiple times.”


“It was a private media area and the photographers, knowing that nakedness is a part of my work. They said, “Kirin, show us what’s under the kilt,” said Callinan, whose music video for SAD, which did feature nudity, had been nominated for ‘video of the year.’

Good behaviour bond and negative press aside, the controversial artist said what was most difficult about the incident was the reaction from members of his own community, describing it as “heartbreaking.”

It was sections of my own community turning on me,” he said.

“Whether it was musicians, or, you know… the queer community or from just the arts community that I’ve been a part of and given to for my whole life.

“That was the hardest thing,” Callinan reflects.

Callinan was also dropped from the St. Jerome’s Laneway festival lineup which tours around in five Australian cities, Singapore and Auckland.

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