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'They thought it was unethical.' Fellow MAFS contestants say we weren't shown the truth about Aleks and Ivan.


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Excuse us, but since Wednesday night, we’ve been trying to work out what the hell went down between Aleks Markovic and Ivan Sarakula while filming Married at First Sight. 

They went from this year’s sure-fire disaster couple, to our unexpected favourites, but then came Wednesday night’s dinner party.

But first a bit of context: During their home stays, Aleks expressed that she wasn’t romantically interested in Ivan, leaving him devastated. A few days later at the dinner party, fellow contestant Michael decided it was his duty to raise the couple’s private issues with the group, starting fiery debates about whether they’d slept together, and whether Aleks had been dating another man during the experiment.

Things took a bizarre turn when Michael and Josh revealed that Ivan had a) asked his friends to publicly discuss the fact that he and Aleks had been sleeping together, and b) then proceeded to act as though he wanted it kept private, out of respect for Aleks.

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We're so confused. 

Wednesday night's very tense episode ended with Aleks storming out of the room, with Ivan chasing after her, trying to convince her she could trust him.

But with Sunday night's Commitment Ceremony fast approaching, and some more gossip emerging from fellow contestants, we need to get to the bottom of what the hell went on with Aleks and Ivan, and who is actually telling the truth.

MAFS' Aleks explains what actually happened on her date with Michael's alleged mystery man. Post continues below.

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Where did the relationship breakdown come from? 

While viewers are made to believe there was a relationship breakdown between Aleks and Ivan, ex-contestants Hayley Vernon and Natasha Spencer have shared new information.

In a video obtained of the pair on a night out, Hayley alleges it wasn't just a "break up," blaming "production" instead.

"They were really unhappy with production and the way that things were operating," she said in the video obtained by the Daily Mail.

"They left the experiment because they weren’t happy with how they were being treated."

"They thought it was unethical and they were getting forced to make more drama within their own relationship and they wanted out."


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This follows several allegations of former contestants complaining about the producer's involvement in the show's storylines.

Recently, 2020 contestant Poppy Jennings said producers implied she would get a 'bad edit' if she didn't sleep in the same room as her husband, Luke Eglin.

"I was pulled up a couple of days into the honeymoon and basically told by production that 'Australia’s going to hate you," she wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post after her exit from the show.

"You are the next Ines, you’re treating him really badly. You need to at least sleep in the same room'."

Did Aleks cheat?

In other words... was Michael talking utter nonsense at the dinner party? We wouldn't put it past him.

But according to fellow MAFS bride Mishel, there may be validity in his comments.

“Michael likes to stir the pot, but he usually stirs the pot honestly,” the mum-of-two told News Corp's Not Here To Make Friends podcast.


And look, it's almost like we've forgotten the time Michael 'couldn't remember' kissing Hayley, but we'll move on, shall we?

"So he’s heard something, he’s just relaying it to the rest of the group. The boys are actually very close, they’re always sharing information and whether Ivan was to admit it or not, he did disclose that information with Josh and Michael.”

Not only that, Mishel also hinted there may have been a "provocative" video of Aleks that Ivan shared with another contestant.

"All I know, and I heard it through Josh, and Josh and I and Stacey and I are close, that Ivan did show the video to other people, a video of Aleks being provocative,”

"I think that’s not cool to show that to them, but that’s hearsay, so I’m not sure if that’s true. But I actually believe Stacey and Josh," she said, adding, "I wouldn’t doubt them. There’s no reason for them to lie,” she added.

Ivan, however, has defended Aleks to Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa, stating that there's absolutely "no truth" in the cheating allegations - something Aleks has also publicly denied.

"It's not true. I am a loyal person and I have morals. It came from Michael's mouth so I guess you can choose who to believe," she told KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O.

It's all a bit 'he-said-she-said' and why is this show so complicated???

Aleks Ivan MAFS
There's just so many... layers???

Are Aleks and Ivan still together?

Apologies for the spoilers, but it looks highly unlikely.

According to the Daily Mail, Ivan flew to Perth to see Aleks and without the pressure of cameras and producers around, they reconciled and even celebrated New Year's Eve together while staying at the Crown Perth hotel.

They've also published photos of the couple from January 2020, while this week's events were filmed in November.


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But looking at Aleks and Stacey's Instagram activity... it looks like Aleks and Ivan are no longer an item.

Commenting on a paparazzi photo which was shared by meme account MAFS Funny on March 2, Aleks called Ivan a "f*ck boy". The photo showed the couple going on a date with Stacey and Michael.

"I just vomited," Stacey commented.

"I'm feeling ill as well! What were we thinking?" Aleks added.


"As if we were seen with that. Hahaha f*ck sake. I blame lack of sleep," Stacey replied.

"We must have been losing our minds! Or maybe just falling for the f*ck boy lies and manipulation," Aleks responded.


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Ivan seems a little more hopeful. Appearing Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa, the real-estate agent was asked whether there was "a chance" him and Aleks would get back together.


“Ah yes stay tuned, I don’t close any doors that’s for sure!” he replied.

At this point in the experiment, we'll take it.

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