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"They have what she said in texts." Bella tells us exactly what happened between her and Irena.

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During last night's finale, The Bachelor's Locky Gilbert chose Irena over Bella. 

Bella was understandably blindsided by his decision because Locky told her he was falling in love with her during their final date. 

When Locky broke the news to her - through tears - Bella was quick to make her exit. 

"In that moment I kind of just went numb and I don't actually remember much from that moment," she told Mamamia's daily entertainment podcast, The Spill.  

WATCH: The moment Locky told Bella he had chosen Irena. Post continues below. 

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"You know when the adrenalin takes over and your walls go up and that's why I just kind of looked at him and was like 'Can I leave?' 

"Because I couldn't even stand there and think about what to say next. I didn't want to fluff around. So I just kind of stood there and walked off and that's been it, I haven't spoken to Locky since." 


The 25-year-old told The Spill that during 'Love in Lockdown' Locky would often text her and tell her he "couldn't wait to make me happy for the rest of my life".

"So going back into filming I had genuinely fallen head over heels for him and I thought that he had genuinely fallen for me too," she told The Spill's co-host Kee Reece. 

While Bella has been recovering from her very public dumping over the past few weeks, Australia has become increasingly intrigued by her feud with Irena. 

The two frontrunners quickly became close in the mansion, but by the time they returned after 'Love in Lockdown' their friendship had disintegrated. 

During her interview with The Spill, Bella explained exactly what happened between the former best friends. 

"A lot of what happened was off camera," she explained. 

"I wasn't really friends with some of the girls at the beginning - that included Roxi and Maddie and Izzy - as well as Steph. At one of the cocktail parties [during Love in Lockdown] Izzy came and told me everything Irena had been saying. 

"She actually apologised to me. She was like 'Look, I feel like I didn't have a friendship with you because of the things she was saying and I didn't give you a chance to see whether those things were true or not. But I don't genuinely see you doing any of these things.' 

"So that's kind of how it all came to a head." 


Bella explained that she confronted Irena about what she had been saying as soon as they all arrived back at the mansion, and Irena immediately denied it.  

"Steph and Izzy got really upset when she denied it because they have a lot of what she said in texts. And that's kind of where it all blew up," the marketing consultant explained. 

"I said to her I'm happy to move on with our friendship but just admit, admit what you did and we'll move on. 

"She didn't end up admitting it to me but she did admit it to Steph later on in the evening and she apologised to her. But she never ended up apologising to me.

"I even said to her like 'Irena if I did all these nasty things that you're saying that I did and said to you, why would you want to be friends with me? Why would you want to be friends with someone like that?'

"When she kind of dodged and weaved that was when I'd had enough." 

Bella explained that it was actually Locky who first brought up the Irena situation in their chat. 

"He was like 'Bel, I know you don't say things unless it's really affecting you, so if you want to say something tell me'," the runner-up said. 

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"And that's why I started my sentence off by saying 'Look, I don't want to talk about Irena in the five minutes I get with you, but this is how I'm feeling.' 


Bella said she was worried that she would lose Locky because of what Irena had allegedly been saying about her. 

"I just wanted to be open with him about a few of the things Irena had been doing. Looking back, I probably shouldn't have let that affect me as much as I did, but I was over the moon with Locky and I was so scared I was going to lose him. 

"I think I went into protect mode and I just wanted to protect it at all costs." 

Although she's put Locky, Irena, and the situation behind her, Bella said the last few weeks have been hard for her as she's dealt with the public's reaction to her rebrand from 'wifey' to 'villain'. 

"I've had a very rough few weeks. At the end of the day, it's the nature of the beast. Not everything can be shown. There was a lot off camera," she shared. 

"It was hard to see how quickly people turned on me. No one deserves to get online hate like that especially when people are believing the edit you're given." 

Now, she's looking to the future. 

"I wish them both the world of happiness and at the end of the day it was Locky's love story," she said. 

"So I am happy for him that he found the person he wants to be with for the rest of his life, I just hope that my happy ending or my fairytale ending is out there somewhere too." 

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