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All the signs The Bachelorette's Elly Miles and Frazer Neate have already broken up.

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Though it may have felt like years have gone by, The Bachelorette 2020 actually wrapped a month ago. 

We finally got to see who ended up with who after being bombarded with (and constantly confused by) approximately four million rumours surrounding this season.

When it came to Elly Miles' love story we were baited with a dramatic finale, with previews showing her walking in and out of various rooms and crying. A lot.

But, after all that drama, we reached the sweet, sweet decision-making moment all reality TV shows lead us to. And we got to see Elly pick Frazer.

Now watch Elly and Becky on their hometown dates on The Bachelorette Australia 2020. Post continues after video.

Video via Network 10.

The dashing dude had been a front runner for many a moon, so we weren't shocked to our core. 

But since that moment, there's been one question that's been playing on our minds:

Are Elly and Frazer still together?

The official Bachelorette Australia channel shared this shot to announce that Elly chose Frazer:


Since the post (and the end of the finale episode) Elly and Frazer have both posted to their individual Instagrams to confirm their relationship is still going strong.

"What a ride," Elly shared.

"I just want to thank everyone for their support and kind words to Frazer and I."

She thanked her sister for joining her on the Bachie journey and viewers for their support.

"I'm so happy that we have gotten to this point to finally have everything out in the open and we can get cracking on making some epic memories together," she said. "Good times ahead."


"The secret's finally out," Frazer wrote.

"Coming into the mansion I didn't know what I was going to get out of this experience. I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and opened my heart up... I got to meet Elly, such a kind and genuine person. I can't wait to see what the future has in store... exciting times to come."


Elly also shared a video a day after the finale, confirming their relationship off-camera.

"Loves a hammock, loves a fire, loves a cold one, loves a singalong, loves a laugh... hit the jackpot. Made it through our first adventure, bring on the next," she captioned it.


Since then, there's been little to no update on how their relationship has been going post-finale. Elly's been bouncing between Newcastle and Sydney regularly, while Frazer's further north in Queensland. 

It's all fairly... mysterious.

The rumours.

Beyond their public announcement and before the finale even went to air, rumours had began circulating around the relationship status of Elly Miles. 

That was mainly due to an interview that Elly did with Mamamia's entertainment podcast, The Spill, where she admitted that she wasn't at the "saying I love you" stage yet. This differs greatly from previous Bachelor and Bachelorettes who are usually super gushy and drop the L-bomb at the finale.


But this kinda laid-back attitude can be forgiven - especially as this was a particularly rushed season. And so Elly and Frazer probably didn't clock a lot of actual physical hours together.

Beyond this though, there have been some major rumours that the couple has spent little to no time together since the finale, and therefore, have more than likely split.


One rumour that confirms this comes from former Bachelor in Paradise contestant Niranga Amarasinghe.

Appearing on the So Dramatic! podcast, Niranga told host Megan Pustetto that Frazer has been seen with other women since filming.

"There’s at least three girls that have hooked up with him after filming had stopped," Niranga claimed.

Niranga also met one of those three girls out and claimed to see the evidence.

"I’ve seen text messages, I’ve seen pictures of them hanging out," he said.

"My assumption is that they are not together anymore and they are just doing it for the media," he added.

However, Elly continues to insist they are still an item.

In a recent Instagram photo, a user asked, "One quick question, are you still with Frazer?"

To which Elly replied, "Yes".

Image: Instagtram/@ellymiles. 


The two were also spotted skydiving together.

But it looks like the footage was taken before posting it on social media. So who knows how long ago it was. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


The most recent palava to hit Instagram (obviously) was a rather jarring piece to camera uploaded by Elly Miles, where she breaks down in tears.

The statement that triggered the blub, was not obviously about Frazer but instead Elly was talking about how tough this year has been... and how her gym has been a great source of support throughout.

"If ever I'm stressed or going through a hard time, or anything... Just knowing you can go somewhere and forget about your worries and just do something awesome for yourself in such a supportive environment is just priceless."

Image: @ellymiles Instagram


She captioned the video with, "Sorry for getting emotional. I'm a big softie".

"It's been a rollercoaster this year, in general so many highs and lows for everyone! ALT [her gym] has been a constant support for me."

While the "lows" Elly was talking about may have been her referring to, we don't know, A PANDEMIC?! Obviously, everyone is now assuming that she's talking about her relationship ending with Frazer. 

So are Elly and Frazer still together?

Who bloody knows.

Feature Image: Channel 10.

This post was originally published on November 6, 2020, and updated on December 2, 2020.