The top apps every woman needs to simplify her life.

Last week, my husband and I were having the same argument, the one we seem to have every week.

It’s the one where I swear that I’ve told him about an important appointment he needs to keep and yet he is QUITE adamant that I’ve told him so such thing.

A few days ago, this led to frustration at a peak critical mass level. Sure, we had a calendar on the fridge but that’s kind of a useless when no one actually looks at it. This particular night, he had somewhere to be and I too had a clashing prior engagement. If only we had a central place to for us to share information at our fingertips to avoid this kind of thing right? Actually it turns out, as pointed out by my 16-year-old daughter, that there's an app for that.

So we downloaded an app that shares appointments, grocery lists and reminders. In fact it's worked so well, we barely need to speak to each other at all any more. I digress…

What it did make me realise however, is that there are probably a whole lot more apps for our phones that we don’t even use that would make our lives a WHOLE lot easier and enjoyable.

And this is by no means an exhausted list but here are 28 apps that will improve your life. To find them on your phone, simply search for them in your app store.


Yoga Strech (Free)

Your own personal Yoga Instructor.

Map My walk (Free)

Logs and analyses your daily exercise activities and joins you a like-minded community to keep you motivated).

Menopause Diary 2 ($6.49)

A menopause symptom and experience tracker.

Argus: (Free)

A sophisticated health and fitness monitor and tracker.

The 7-minute Workout. (Free)

A 7 minute workout challenge that doesn't require equipment.

Sleep Cycle ($1.29)

An intelligent alarm clock that analyses how you sleep and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase.


Cozi Family Organisation (Free)

Shareable family organiser, diary and grocery list.

Magnifying Glass with light (Free)

Find my Phone (Free)

Allows you to find your phone if it gets misplaced.

Around Me (Free)

Quickly allows you to find out information about your surroundings. Easy way to find closest petrol stations, restaurants etc.


Birthday Board (Free)

An easy way to track your loved ones birthdays. The app alerts you prior to the date.


An app that allows you to discover the details of any song you hear.

Weatherzone (Free)

Weather patterns, predictions and daily temperatures from anywhere in the world.


IMBD (Free)

This app holds the details of every actor, tv show, film and other entertainment fact in history.


An app that manipulates your photos into professional looking shots.

Lush - Cocktail maker ($2.49)

A Definitive list of cocktails and their ingredients.

Memories - Instant Photo Scanner (Free)

App that allows you to scan every old photo you have into your phone for safe keeping.

ABC Vegie Guide:

A one stop gardening guide.

CAREER: (Free)

A time keeping device for freelancers who need to account for time spent on projects.


Fit Brains Trainer (Free)

Games that are extremely fun to play that also, train the brain.

Sudoku (Free)

Sudoku online for all levels.

SongPop (Free)

Guess that song. Levels increase with ability. Great way to keep your mind active.


Urbanspoon (Free)

Both a guide and reastaurant review service that applies to most restaurants in the world.

Spin a Dinner ($6.49)

Sick of trying to work out what to have for dinner? Spin the wheel and this app picks it for you, complete with recipe.


Trip Advisor (Free)

Travel advice on accommodation and travel services from both professional and amateur reviewers.

Google Translate (Free)

Translation service for most languages.



Free phone calls and text message. No catches.


Toshl Finance

Budget tool that also prompts you to pay bills and save money.

Again, this list can probably never be exhausted and we'd love your own recommendations on apps that have simplified or changed your life. Anything to make our lives easier is always appreciated.

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