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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how I was becoming a runner. And I called for help in the comments, because I evidently know nothing about how to become a runner (otherwise I would have been one already, right?).

And help came in the form of hundreds of comments, many of which mentioned amazing fitness apps for turning one from a couch potato and into the kind of marathon runner to rival Usain Bolt.

I’ve gathered some of the app recommendations – plus a couple of my own – into this handy-dandy post. So when you’re next struggling for motivation, you can download any of the below. Some are running-specific and some are generally helpful with fitness. And if there’s any I missed – tell me in the comments. I want to download them.

C25K Logo The 6 best fitness apps going around.1. C25K ($1.99)

How could I write a post about fitness apps and not include C25K? It’s the original and the best – a 9 week program designed to gradually get you up to that 5km mark. I’ve been using it for many years but have never actually completed the 9 week program. I’m feeling like 2013 is the year I finally hit that magic 5km.



 The 6 best fitness apps going around.2. Podrunner mixes (free)

If you’re sick of listening to the same Ministry of Sound album over and over again – you need Podrunner. There’s a free and a pro version, both of which offer you very decent workout music mixes with a decent tempo for running/cycling/table tennising.



Zombie Run 290x305 The 6 best fitness apps going around.3. Zombies, Run! ($4.49)

Finding it hard to get motivated on those cold winter mornings? Download this app and you will run a lot faster – because there’ll be ZOMBIES chasing you*!

* not really. But it definitely will feel like it, thanks to this app. Great for those who want to combine a bit of novelty factor into their daily workout.


Endomondo Logo The 6 best fitness apps going around.4. Endomondo (free)

Endomondo is like some kind of GPS tracker on crack. It can track any outdoor sport and give you exact stats on duration/distance/speed/calories. It can even help out if you’re doing something like running on a treadmill or weight training – what is this wizardry? Plus there is this cute little “audio coach” that helps you reach your distance targets. Like a personal trainer but FREE and IN YOUR EARS.


Pocket Yoga 290x300 The 6 best fitness apps going around.5. Pocket yoga ($2.99)

I always do yoga classes and go home thinking I’m going to do yoga at home – and then I promptly forget all the moves. Pocket yoga aims to help flaky people such as myself by providing you with 27 different yoga workouts in the one app so that you never get confused again. Handy.



iTreadmill logo The 6 best fitness apps going around.6. iTreadmill ($1.99)

iTreadmill is essentially just a pedometer for your iPhone – but it makes your life a lot easier in that you don’t need some kind of arm or belt clip to keep it going. It doesn’t use a GPS so you can use it wherever, no matter how bad your reception.



What’s your favourite fitness/wellbeing app?

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