"My personal trainer sister uninvited me from a family BBQ because I'm a size 16."


A woman has shared how her own sister discriminated against her because of her weight, by uninviting her from her family barbecue.

The woman shared the experience to Mumsnet under the title, “On a scale of 1-10 how mad should I be about this… ” and was met with suitable outrage from commenters, who agreed she should be furious with her sister’s actions.

She explained that it all started in a family group chat, when everyone was sharing which dates they had available for a BBQ at her sister’s house.

“We all listed the dates we could do, there were a number of dates everyone could do and one date I couldn’t,” the anonymous woman explained.

“She chose that date…”

When the woman, who posted under the name ‘Fireplace1’, confronted her sister about why she chose the exact day she was not available, the sister responded saying she “wasn’t sure I’d feel comfortable at the event as she was also inviting a lot of her clients”.


Confused by what that meant, the woman called her sister to clarify why she was now not wanted at the family BBQ.

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"On a scale of 1-10 how mad should I be about this.... " Image via Getty.

Providing context, it was explained that her sister works as a personal trainer and she herself is a size 16.

"Cut a long story short she started by saying everyone going was really slim and cared about their weight (my anger rose to about 5/10 here)" the woman continued. "Then she proceeded to suggest it looked bad on her as a personal trainer if she had a 'fat' sister (anger soared to 10/10 at this point!)"

Furious, the woman hung up the phone on her family member.

"I am fuming!!!!" the woman concluded her post, before asking other women on Mumsnet for advice on how to deal with the situation.


The anonymous woman further responded to a question in the comments section regarding whether this behaviour is normal for the sister, to which she replied, "No".

"She can be very, very blinkered at times and not really think about others," she explained, "But most the time we have a relatively good relationship."

She continued: "She is obsessed with what she looks like at the moment and her business - and people love her as a personal trainer. But I am absolutely left in shock at this!! Literally no idea how to respond or even whether to. She hasn't tried to phone again or text..."

Of course, the women on the site had many thoughts, overwhelmingly agreeing that she should be furious at her sister for her actions.

"10/10" was the most common response to the scale, closely followed by "11/10".

"Wow I am up at 20/10 that's horrible," one woman suggested. "Turn up in your best fluorescent lycra with a massive chocolate cake and biggest steak."

"You say nothing," another advised. "She needs to apologise. Vile attitude. Hopefully one of your family will deal with her nastiness."

How do you think the woman should respond to her sister? Have you ever had a similar experience? Let us know in the comments section below!