OPINION: If you're wearing your Apple Watch to a wedding, that tells me one thing about you.

Hush. Because the Mamamia office is in the midst of a very important debate.

It's the watches. The Apple watches

More specifically, whether wearing them to a wedding is... a thing you should do.

And you guys, it's so divisive. 

But let me bring you back to where this all started, because I feel like you need a bit of a background as to why you're... reading this.

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Video via Mamamia.

Let's slink on back to a recent episode of the You Beauty podcast, where Mamamia's Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren answered a 'listener dilemma' from a lovely lass named Sophie.

She said she was getting married in a few months and asked Leigh and Kelly for the best way to get rid of an annoying Apple Watch tan line before her wedding.

And this is when Leigh dropped this sweet little bombshell: 

"As a beloved, cult-status lover of my Apple Watch, I also have a tan line. But if I'm Sophie – okay, maybe I wouldn't wear it on my wedding day – but as a bridesmaid, I've worn my Apple Watch."

And we... we just...

Image: POP.

 Leigh went on to explain, "When you wear a stack and you put a nice band on, it looks appropriate."

And omg, everyone share their thoughts and feelings immediately pls.

"I'm horrified," said Kelly. "I wouldn't let you if you were my bridesmaid."


Cue a collective debate in the Mamamia office because IS THIS A COMMON THING PEOPLE DO? 

We need answers.

When we asked around, our morning editor, Charlie Begg, said, "That's so divisive. (No)."

Mamamia's managing editor, Alix Nicholson said, "As the wearer of a smart watch, I don’t think I’d actually want to wear it. It would be so jarring in pics!"

"Guilty. Also, as the wearer of a smartwatch, they've got some fancy gold straps for your Apple Watch so it isn't as jarring," chimed in our head of lifestyle.

Social producer Laura answered, "Omg I love this debate – I am on the side of NO way! Even with the fancy bands."

And our lovely head of podcast Lize simply said, "F**k no".

But wait, because I have so many questions. But also concerns.

Why are we wearing the watch? Is it for the sole purpose of closing the 'rings'?? Is it for the step count??? TELL ME IT'S NOT FOR THE STEP COUNT.

Look, I'm not an Apple Watch girlie. I don't have one. So I may be (very) biased – but I just don't know that it's... necessary... to wear one at a wedding (??).

But we don't have time for my opinion, because a scroll through TikTok shows there are many different stances on the subject. 

Like, this is a topic people are genuinely heated about. (Mercy, how did we get here?).

Just take a peek at this post below — and the spicy commentary that follows:

@olivialmarcus Is this a controversial opinion? #wedding #applewatch ♬ original sound - Olivia Marcus

One commenter wrote, "Some of us have heart conditions."

And omg, FAIR.

Another person said, "I just have a quick etiquette question, at what point did it become appropriate to comment on what other people want to wear? It doesn’t affect you."

And okay, but we're just having a harmless debate, friend.

Someone else wrote, "My watch tan line is more inappropriate than wearing the watch itself."

We'll allow it.

Look, whether you're a guest at a wedding or the actual bride or groom, if you want to wear an Apple Watch — you do you! 

Just make sure you slap some sunscreen on your arms, yeah?

What are your thoughts? Would you wear an Apple Watch if you were part of the wedding party? Let us know in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@leighaampbell.

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