Anna Heinrich was asked on-air how many people her fiance slept with. It got a tad awks.

While lawyer and influencer Anna Heinrich has been inseparable from now-fiance Tim Robards ever since they met on the 2013 season of The Bachelor, it appears there’s one detail the two have never shared with each other.

Appearing on the Kyle and Jackie O show in 2018, Heinrich and Robards played ‘Cost of Love’, a (highly unoriginal) game which tests how well people know each other in their relationship. The idea is that each person is asked a set of questions about their partner, the answers to which have been pre-recorded, to see if they match.

Profound, really.

Things got awkward, however, when Jackie asked Anna how many people Tim had slept with.

“I actually don’t know the answer to this, and I actually don’t want to know,” she said, before sharing a rather telling anecdote about her Hen’s night.

Video by Kyle and Jackie O

“I don’t know because on my Hen’s night, we actually did videos for each other, and we did something like this, so I answered all these questions… and I said like over 30 or 40 for him, and everyone apparently laughed their heads off.”

“As if to go: it’s way more?” clarified Jackie O, to which Anna responded, “yeah, yeah”.

“So I actually don’t know,” she continued, “but I think whatever I say is really pathetic and laughable.”

Kyle couldn’t seem to get his head around the fact that Anna didn’t know the answer, asking, “why don’t you want to know?”

“I don’t want to know… because that’s his past,” Anna said. “And he doesn’t know how many I’ve been with.”


Before the hosts played Tim’s answer, Anna added, “I know he’s not going to tell!”

Tim’s pre-recorded response, of course, was, “zero – Anna was, is, the only person I’ve ever slept with,” which was immediately met with laughter.

The couple were also asked about the first time Tim saw Anna naked, because that’s a completely appropriate question to ask, and Anna shared it happened on the finale night of The Bachelor.

“That’s three months of no action,” Tim explained. “And then as soon as I was like alright, babe, I love you, she was like… she could just see it in my eyes. She’s like, okay.”

Thank goodness we have this information. Now we can move on with our lives.