How Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding got through their 'big break up'.

Comedian and radio presenter Andy Lee and model Rebecca Harding are finally engaged after nearly 10 years together, but it’s been a long journey for the couple to get here. 

Having first met in a cafe in 2014, where Andy wrote his contact details on a napkin for her, the pair had gone from strength to strength.

However, in 2016, the pair broke up for a little while, with Andy telling co-host Hamish Blake on their radio show that they had "broken up a little while ago", citing the toll of dating in the public eye as the reason why. 

Of course, when two people are destined to be together it’s natural that they’d gravitate back together, eventually. 

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However, Andy took it into his own hands during their six-month break, telling Fitzy & Wippa that he had a somewhat problematic coping mechanism. 

“On our six-month break, once a week, I drove past your house and your work. Once each per week. Hoping to accidentally bump into you,” Andy divulged.

While Andy may have thought he was being subtle, his secret attempts to run into Bec did not go unnoticed. 

"Actually I knew about this… people at work saw you at the cafe, and they were like… why is Andy going to the cafe next to work?" she said.

The pair never bumped into each other, but Andy did admit to spotting Bec once, saying, "pretty creepy stuff". 

"After we got back together, I thought – let’s hold off telling her this for a while!"

The pair’s relationship only improved from there, with Andy taking Bec to the 2017 Logies and the couple moving into their first shared home the same year. 

Since then they’ve renovated multiple homes and travelled the world together.

Image: Instagram/@andytomlee


He finally popped the question in April 2024. 

"I asked Bec to marry me on Sunday," Andy told the Hamish & Andy podcast on May 1, 2024. 

"Is it a bit quick? That's all I wanna ask," Hamish laughed, admitting that the news was not a shock to him as he and wife Zoë Foster Blake already knew.

For the proposal, Andy decided to call back to the first time he saw Bec, using the same napkin technique to pop the question. 

"When I was down there, I stayed on one knee and I gave her another napkin — because when I first met her at the café, I wrote on a napkin my details — and I gave her another napkin," Andy said.

Here’s to the happy couple!

Featured: Instagram/andytomlee

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