Andy Lee on the joy of not having kids.

If you follow Andy Lee on Instagram, you'll know just how much he loves to spend time with his nieces and nephews. But that doesn't mean he wants kids of his own any time soon. 

Speaking to Kate Langbroek on Mamamia's No Filter podcast this week, Lee said that he is constantly asked if he and his long-term partner Rebecca Harding are planning on having kids. 

He says his answer to that question has evolved over time, and continues to waver. Right now though, there's one major joy about not having kids, says Lee.

"One thing I do love about not currently having kids is how available I am to my family. My mum, dad and I were down at the beach house the other day and they said, 'When are you going to start a family?' And I said, 'You realise you wouldn't be here in this beach house if I've had my own family and kids.' I think I spend so much time with them because of that [being child-free]," he explains.

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"I love being available to people. It's something that I love with friends - being a reliable source to call upon. I do definitely worry that having my own family means that I give that up. [Having kids] could be the right decision at some point. People think that's selfish. But it's not, I get a lot of self-worth. And if anyone calls, I'm happy to go and work out what we need to do. To be a friend."

Of course, Lee notes that this doesn't mean those with kids can't be solid friends. But they undeniably have more commitments.


"It's all-consuming. Naturally, people turn inwards when they have their own kids."

Lee and his partner Harding have been together for almost a decade now. They've celebrated plenty of milestones together, including buying a home and doing major renovations as a couple (aka stressful!). They also share a Welsh Terrier dog, Henri. 

Recently Harding said to Sydney Morning Herald about their relationship: "I feel as though Andy's my best friend. We complement each other. I watch him love what he does every day. He is inspirational. Andy as I know him now is Andy from that first date. We share values, family is important to both of us and we get on really well."

Reflecting on his partner Harding's feelings about having kids, Lee tells No Filter he thinks she would be "an amazing mum", but they're at the stage of still deciding.


"There's no rub between Bec and I on that front. Because she also doesn't want them right now. This is the misconception. Like if we posted a picture of us somewhere, everyone's like, 'Why haven't you proposed?' or 'Are you engaged?' No," says Lee. 

Last year, Lee posted pictures of him and Harding together nine years apart in New York City. The comments on this post, like most of the others that feature Harding, were a river of diamond-ring emojis. 

"Put a ring on it, mate!" 

"I thought this was an engagement post. I am disappointed once again." 

"Come on, Andy, it's time to get down with the diamond." 

It's come to the stage where Lee says he sometimes likes to poke fun at the comments and people's obsession with him and his partner deciding to get married.

"One time I did tease and I'm not allowed to play this joke anymore. But anytime I saw paparazzi, I'd get down on one knee when I was out with Bec, she was in on it."

Ultimately for him and Harding, marriage isn't "super important". And the "unfair pressure" to start having kids doesn't help either.

"I've gone through times where I thought I would, and then I've definitely gone through patches of feeling 'I don't think I want this at all.' We'll see." 

Feature Image: @andytomlee.

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