Andy Lee screwed up so badly his girlfriend decided to rat him out to thousands of people.


Andy Lee might be a very funny dude. He might have a tonne of loyal fans and a glittering career and bucket loads of hard-earned cashola and absurdly floppy hair.

But an attentive boyfriend he is… not.

Just ask Lee’s long-term girlfriend, model and PR manager Rebecca Harding, who had a wee vent on her 36-year-old partner’s new podcast with Hamish Blake this week.

You see, it all began to go wrong a week before Valentine’s Day.


“You’ve been getting a lot of mail recently through your Instagram account, and one of the parcels you received was a pack of Valentine’s Day cards from a card company, which I have here,” Bec began.

“They were sitting on our dining table for a whole week.”

The cards were, in Hamish’s words, “pristine”.

“So you saw these sitting in the house, they were on the dresser, and you could see them every single day before Valentine’s Day?” Hamish probed.

“Every. Single. Day.”

Along with the cards, Andy was also sent a “giant fluffy love heart with googly eyes” that played music.

And yet, when the day to celebrate his love for Bec rolled around? Nothing.

No cards. No weird googly fluffy hearts. No…thing.

“You didn’t do ANYTHING for Valentine’s Day [while all this stuff was] haunting me,” Bec said.

“I didn’t notice any of that stuff in the house,” Andy apologised, to which Bec retorted: “I don’t know how, it’s bright red.”

If only it ended there. If only this problem was limited to Valentine’s Day.

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Despite holding the very prestigious crown of Cleo’s Bachelor of The Year, 2009, Andy Lee is deplorable when it comes to marking any relationship milestone, be it birthdays, Christmas, or anniversaries.


“He does love reusing cards,” Bec told a frankly appalled Hamish. “I’m sorry… but you used the Hamish and Andy [promotional] cards for my birthday.”

It was a relationship crime of which Andy is, unsurprisingly, “guilty”.

Alrighty, that’s it. Time to return to our own relationship problems…

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