Rebecca Harding has hinted about what caused her split with Andy Lee last year.

Thrust into fame at just 24 after decades of relative anonymity, you would forgive Rebecca Harding for accidentally allowing fame to make its way to her head and swell her sense of self-importance.

It did the opposite.

In a rare interview with Stellar’s Siobhan Duck, Harding has shared how the sudden and intense glare of the spotlight knocked her off kilter, so shaky and uncertain was her foray into immediate national fame.

It was, she has quietly hinted, the seeds of her split from boyfriend and comedian Andy Lee last year.

“I really struggled with [Lee’s fame],” she told the magazine. “I’ve only felt comfortable in it since Andy and I had a break last year. I was struggling with a lot of things. I don’t think I’d found my place in it all. I didn’t understand this new-found interest in my personal life.”

Adding that throughout their six months apart, the duo “never stopped loving each other”, Harding says it was a time they both needed to “find [their] feet”.

“It was a nice time to come into myself,” she said. “I know that sounds cheesy! I reconnected with family and friends and surrounded myself with people I trusted and loved. If I saw Andy on the front of a magazine, I ignored it and let it wash over me.”

It’s one of a handful of times Harding has stepped out from behind the camera and her few social media channels to shed light on her relationship, her work and her life.


In the lead-up to Lee’s new television show True Story earlier this year, the model appeared on 60 Minutes, detailing the story of how the two met.

She was a uni student, he was the comedian ten years her senior.

“I’d just witnessed two customers complaining about her,” Lee told the program at the time.

“I spent too much time talking to customers!” Harding said. “… I just didn’t know what [they] wanted for breakfast.”

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Yet even when Andy asked her on a date, she was hesitant.

“He hadn’t had a girlfriend in a while. He was Cleo Bachelor of the year, I thought he was a bit of a sleaze bag maybe?”

He is, she says, every bit the person he appears.

“He’s a bit sweeter than I was actually picturing… He’s a very sweet, kind, generous person,” she said.

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