Mamamia recaps And Just Like That: Carrie hates her vagina. There I said it!

And Just Like That season is here and I couldn't help but wonder: will this lot of episodes be able to match the magic that was Sex and the City?

Based on the first two episodes, I'd say we're off to a decent start but there's a loooong way to go.

Check out the trailer for season two. Recap continues after video.

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But wait, where did we leave off? Read our full rundown here, but basically, to get you up to speed in record time: Carrie moved through her grief by kissing Franklyn, Charlotte had a 'they mitzvah', and fresh from a divorce, Miranda escaped her suburban life to follow Che's dreams of doing a TV pilot in LA. 

The episode begins three weeks after the season one finale, opening with a montage of everyone having sex. That's right, after a suspiciously sexless first season, sex is back in this city!

My sleep paralysis demon waiting for me every night at 1am. Image: Binge.


It was a lot of boobs and butts. I loved every minute of it. 

Carrie is having casual sex with Franklyn, well, more specifically, 'Thursday sex' with Franklyn. He attempts to float the idea of a Tuesday date with her, and after a whole episode of freaking out that he was trying to blur the lines of casual dating, she eventually told him she wanted to stick to Thursdays.

He was pretty chill about it. Well, for now anyway...

More importantly, Carrie and Charlotte have got tickets to the Met Gala via their Lisa Todd Wexley connection. The plan was for Charlotte to bring an over-excited Anthony as her date, but Harry thinks he's going so she drops Anthony like a hot, gay potato. 


But never fear for Anthony 'likes to shout at women' Marentino, as by the end of episode one, once Harry realises he won't actually be rubbing shoulder with Rihanna, he pulls out. 

Anthony is re-invited, hooray for our favourite gay! 

Carrie's Met 'Veiled Beauty' outfit designed by Jackie's girlfriend falls through so she whips out her Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, along with that bird hat – an item that has baffled society at large for 15 years. 

Back to Charlotte, this Met ticket mishap is literally the only thing that happens to Charlotte all episode. Other than this 'Mad Hatter tries S&M' travesty.

'All eyes on me in the centre of the ring just like a circus...' Image: Binge.


I lie! There was a very funny scene between Charlotte and Carrie, as she attempted to offer her old friend relationship advice about Franklyn. 

Carrie complained she was doing 'the Charlotte thing' by being overly sentimental. This prompted Charlotte to ask "How big is his dick?" in her best Samantha impression. It's delightful. 

This is the only time Samantha is mentioned, which seems a bit odd as season one concluded with Carrie and Samantha planning to meet in Paris. 

That's suspicious, that's weird!

Over to the Westcoast, Miranda is trying to embrace LA life as Che well, continues to be Che. 

I can confirm that I never, and will never, be cravin' some Che. 

Miranda attempts to surprise Che at their show and when she attempts to hug them, they reply 'Don't hug me, I'm at work.' Lovely! This is later justified as Che being self-conscious about their body after the costume designer for their show made a comment about their stomach. But you know what? I ain't buying what Che is selling. 

Che was treating Miranda poorly all episode and by the end, it's Miranda comforting Che and saying they're 'the most beautiful person she's ever seen' which Che readily agrees with. 


Hey Che, your narcissm is showing. 

This brings us to episode two and Miranda is desperate for new people to speak to, as Che continues to be booked and busy. Miranda attends an AA meeting in LA, where she admits that not much happening in this city away from her friends and family in NYC. 

She meets Ally, who invites her to do a beach clean with her. At said clean, Miranda is wearing a bucket hat that will probably occupy my mind until the day I die.

This is the fugly fashion we're here for. Image: Binge. 


This is nostalgic Miranda fashion – daggy, awkward and ugly – and I'm living for it. 

Miranda loses her phone while cleaning and since she can't order an Uber without it, she asks some random surfer boys if she can borrow ones of theirs. Miranda calls Carrie to ask for Che's number, leaving Carrie stunned she doesn't know the digits of her partner.

Once Miranda finally calls Che, they arrange for someone to pick her up named Lyle. We learn two things: he's handsome and he's still Che's husband.  

Waiting back at home, Miranda confronts Che about not knowing anything about them, including their phone number or marital status. In response, Che makes the conversation about them and shuts down Miranda's valid concerns. 

Quick! Have a listen this Cancelled episode about Robert Pattinson. Post continues after podcast.

Che annoyance aside, I'm enjoying the LA side of AJLT even more than New York. Che might suck but we've all dated a Che: someone whose narcissm is disguised by their charisma and confidence. 

Miranda will realise eventually and I'm manifesting an epic dumping.

Carrie's storyline this episode is as pointless as ever, and yes I remember the SATC instalment where she spent an entire episode learning how to swing on a trapeze. 


In short, Carrie freaks out when she has to promote a vaginal odour product for her podcast.

In Carrie's defence, the promo code was #VagInTheCity. Anyways, her boss Chloe says that they need this sponsor as the podcast is not thriving, but Carrie still doesn't want to talk about her vagina on her podcast... about sex. 

When my boss actually expects me to do my job. Image: Binge.


In bed with Franklyn, he still wants to go ahead with the vagina promo. He encourages her to rewrite it in her own voice and recommends she says "it will take you from dry to wet ass pussy," referring to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's famed 'WAP'.

She replies "Well I'm Carrie B and I don't speak like that so Megan it end."

Megan it end, indeed. I'm sorry but I don't ever want Carrie Bradshaw discussing modern celebrities on this show. Carrie famously does not know celebs. The earlier Bethenny Frankel was enough to make me want to switch off completely. 

Back at the podcast studio, everyone is closing up shop. Podcast boss Chloe says all the shows have ended as the studio has been sold. "You two wouldn't talk about her vagina and now everyone is out of work," she actually says aloud. This office sounds swell. 

Charlotte's daughter Lily wants money for a new keyboard, but her parents tell her she'll need to save and pay for it herself. In response, she sells all her clothes to The Real Deal, some reseller boutique. To Charlotte's horror, this included a priceless Chanel dress that Charlotte gifted her. 

Then Charlotte goes full Karen mode which imho, is her natural state. Carrie and Charlotte visit the snobby assistant at The Real Deal to track down the Chanel dress and Charlotte actually says 'call your manager' to the retailer until Carrie talks her down.

Once again, Charlotte's problems aren't actual problems.


When you can't find a decent storyline to save your life. Image: Binge. 

I miss the days of Trey MacDougal, I hope he and his fake baby are well! 

On to the other women who are not Carrie, Charlotte, or Miranda – let's sum their storylines up quickly because who cares. 

Lisa Todd Wexley's mother-in-law is visiting which brings up some deep-rooted feelings for her husband, Herbert. The nanna shames him for making a fuss when a cab driver refuses to pick him and his daughter up. It's a weird moment. "We know the rules, when we go off, they win," LTW tells him, referring to white people reacting to Black people expressing emotion.


It's a simplistic scene that doesn't say much about the systematic discrimination at play. Hopefully, there's more to come from this. But the last time SATC tried to tackle race relations in America, it ended in Samantha screaming “Get your big black ass out of my face!” to a Black woman.

I don't have the highest of hopes. 

I preferred episode one when LTW was simply wearing this baffling Met outfit that will haunt my dreams for the foreseeable future. 

My period confidently arriving six days late. Image: Binge. 


Nya finally cuts the cord with Andre after he suggests they try a surrogate pregnancy, even though she's made it clear she doesn't want kids. She packs up his stuff. They're over. Goodbye forever. 

Seema and Zed are also over after she discovers that his wife still lives with him. They get back together briefly after her blow-dry specialist pushes her into it (rich people, they're just like us!) but after he attempts to get $100k out of her for an 'investment', she dumps him for good.

Episode two concludes with Carrie trying to salvage the podcast – and her relationship – with Franklyn but he ends it all before he gets too invested, as it's become clear he wants more than she can offer.

"And just like that, I freed up my entire week," she declares. This should be every unemployed and single person's slogan. It's aspirational. 

Will Carrie get a job? Will Charlotte ever get an actual storyline worth following? Will Miranda buy another bucket hat? Stay tuned for more And Just Like That next week!

Feature image: Binge + Mamamia.