'And Just Like That has one episode left. I have a compelling theory about what happens.'

Carrie got a kitten. 

If we need any further evidence of how And Just Like That has lost the plot, that is it. 

Our Carrie isn't a cat person. 

She's also, famously, not a dog person (Pete, anyone?), and although I am aware that humans change as they... mature (I am experiencing sudden-onset vegetable gardening) this is a plot point too far. Carrie doesn't want to take care of things, she is not a nurturer, and it's one of the very best things about her. Let the woman live. 

But that damn cat is also a sign. A harbinger of what's to come. 

Because if I was a betting woman, this is the final scene of And Just Like That, Season 2: Carrie, in her unspeakably beautiful new Gramercy Park apartment, wearing something fabulous. And alone, with her kitten. A "single girl" once more.

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Of course, this time last week, I was convinced the season was going to end in marriage. And it's still an outside possibility that the Last Supper becomes a quickie wedding, tying everything up real nice with eternal also-ran Aidan, and slaying the ghosts of Carrie's apartment. 

But the writers have put a quick kibosh on that probability with the timely insertion of something close to a realistic problem for a midlife father-of-three – Aidan's children don't want him to leave them.


So, as Carrie would say, and just like that... we are on the brink of the finale, with a decision to make. 

Before I present my theories, let's be clear: I don't have any insider intel on any of the below, only the over-thinking brain of a woman who's been watching, writing and recording a podcast around this show for 10 weeks now (and, um, 25 years before that).

1. Aidan can't do it. 

I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me.

She can never hurt him again. And Aidan still loves Carrie – the one that got away – much too much to dump her. But he needs four more years of being a short drive away from his kids at all times. They're boys, and Aidan was never going to be a deadbeat dad. So although we might all fantasise about having a partner who only comes to live in our (did I mention it's beautiful?) apartment every second week, this time it's Aidan who can't commit.

Which leaves the possibility of Carrie leaving New York to live on a farm in Virginia. And I know I've started growing vegetables out of nowhere, but I've always had a touch of crunchy rising. Carrie panics when the pavement runs out. Not. Happening.


2. Brady and Lily stop screwing. 

They can't just leave us with "the stuffed animals are having sex" storyline. My guess is... the kids are roped into being cater-waiters at Carrie's Upper East Side last supper. They attempt to get at it in Auntie Carrie's closet, but are busted by Anthony and Giuseppe, who are planning on doing the same. They then come clean to their mothers that they've realised since Brady is now going to college (well done, Lily), it's not meant to be. And they've also decided that they're cringe.

3. Seema and Ravi will beat the odds. 

He's been looking for a leading lady like her his whole life. Ick.

4. Charlotte's family work out how to live without her. 

Thank. God. 

5. LTW does not have a late-life baby. 

There is no bigger cop-out in American TV writing than an unwanted pregnancy ending in miscarriage, rather than at Planned Parenthood.

But it gives LTW and Herbert a tender out. And we LOVE this couple, so they can have it. And she can get her Peabody, and he can fix New York, because history has its eyes on him. 


6. Miranda miraculously makes peace with all her exes. 

If my ex gave me a sexual roast (not in a good way) in a room full of strangers while my best friend just sat there and listened, I would never speak to any of them again. But Miranda is a bigger person than I, plus she's just met Hot New Lawyer Girlfriend while doing what Miranda was always destined to do – saving the world at the UN.

So Miranda visits Steve's clam stand and she gives Che her blessing to go off with Tobey, and Miranda gets what she's always wanted – to be right. 

7. Carrie calls Samantha to help her decide whether to move to the country/come to her wedding/let Aidan go. 

"Oh, honey."

If those words don't come out of Samantha's mouth in the much-hyped cameo that is Kim Cattrall's return, I'll eat my pigeon bag. 

She'll be doing a walk-n-talk, wearing a better outfit than Carrie (because Catrall has insisted that the OG stylist, Patricia Field, come back to do only her scene – this is leverage, and SJP has to eat it), and she'll tell Carrie that history matters and old friends are everything and she should chase happiness like that fricking kitten is going to chase down Carrie's most satiny Manolos as scratching posts.

And just like that... they'll heal all wounds. And that can be the truth, because the show is over and we don't ever have to see the two women in the same room again. 

Am I right?

NOTE: This story was edited to remove one theory that I DEFINITELY got wrong - that there wouldn't be a Season Three. The creators of the show have just announced that And Just Like That is definitely returning for another trip around Manhattan (or Virginia, etc). 

Feature image: Instagram/@justlikethatmax