And Just Like That is recycling men from Sex and the City, as it should.

Watching the latest episode of And Just Like That, I had two thoughts.

As Peter Hermann debuted as Carrie's latest love interest, I immediately shouted at my laptop screen: 'Oh my God, that's Charles from Younger!'

ICYMI: Herman played Sutton Foster's on/off boyfriend in the popular series. 

But then I realised I had seen his face before in the Sex and the City universe.

In episode five of SATC reboot And Just Like That, Hermann plays entrepreneur George who meets Carrie after he gets into a cycling accident. As Carrie was standing in the bike lane when he crashed, she takes him to the emergency room. 

Image: Max. 

And of course, their relationship swiftly blossoms into a romance, albeit a short-lived one because of George's overbearing business partner.

But this romance is rather awkward when you consider that the actor played a character who courted Charlotte in season six of Sex and the City


Peter Hermann portrayed a horny Yale graduate who Charlotte meets at a Jewish mixer after she breaks up with Harry. 

Watch the scene here. Post continues after video.

Video via HBO. 

Hermann's unexplained recasting follows a proud tradition of actors playing multiple men on the original HBO series. 

Some might say that Justin Theroux walked so that Peter Hermann could run. 

In season one, Justin first appeared playing Jared, a classic New York party boy who tempted Carrie before she became monogamous with Big. But then on the very next season, Carrie dated another character who happened to be played once more by Theroux: the neurotic and oversensitive Vaughn with the charismatic family.  

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Actor Chris Payne Gilbert starred in season two episode 'La Douleur Exquise' appearing as Stanford's love interest "Big Tool 4 U" but then he returns as Gordon in season four's 'All That Glitters'.

And we're not even done. James McCaffrey made his debut in season one as Big's friend Max but by season four, he was dating Carrie as fashion photographer, Paul. 

Mr. Big is quaking in his grave!

Luckily for continuity’s sake, it doesn't look like Charlotte and George will ever meet (again??) as Carrie has rightly kicked him to the curb. 

RIP, another recycled SATC man. Stay sustainable, queens! 

Feature image: HBO. 

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