We're calling it: Amy Schumer has just won baby shower cakes.


Amy Schumer has shared her baby shower cake and it’s equal parts hilarious and disturbing.

Posting to Instagram, the comedian shared the “horrifying” gift she received from her sister-in-law.

And yes, it really is a cake depicting a crowning baby using a Cabbage Patch Kid doll.

And yes, that is a butthole made out of frosting.

“My sister in law. And I can’t stress that enough – IN LAW – surprised me with a horrifying cake and I can’t thank her enough. So I won’t thank her at all,” the mum-to-be wrote on Instagram.

“Something is truly wrong with you and I love you.”

In another one of the photos, Schumer is seen giving her husband Chris Fischer’s sister Molly Fischer a confused look.


Throughout her entire pregnancy, Schumer hasn’t been afraid to share all the highs and lows of pregnancy.

The 37-year-old was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum – severe morning sickness – earlier in her pregnancy, which led her to be hospitalised in November.

“I am in the hospital. I’m fine. Baby’s fine but everyone who says the 2nd trimester is better is not telling the full story. I’ve been even more ill this trimester,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“I have hyperemesis and it blows. Very lucky to be pregnant but this is some bullshit! Sending so much love to the doctors and nurses taking great care of me and Tati! They are cool as hell!” she added.

Schumer was even forced to cancel shows on her comedy tour in the US following her hospitalisation.