Behold: The world's most disgusting baby shower cake. We're never eating dessert again.

Ah, baby showers.

Who doesn’t love spending their weekends trying not to say the word ‘baby’ (and collecting pegs from those who do), taste-testing baby food and estimating the measurements of an expectant mum’s belly?

Sometimes, as adorable and exciting as the impending arrival of a newborn is, the best part of the day comes when the baby shower cake is ready to be cut.

Unless of course, you happen to be a guest at a shower where THIS cake is served:

gross baby shower cake
What... is that?! Image via Mumsnet.

Yes, dear friends, that is a cake baked to look exactly like a spoiled nappy of a child.

Feeling hungry?

Upon finding the image, one parent needed to share the horror of such a creation and posted it on parenting forum Mumsnet with the caption, "Who the f*** would order this cake?"

"I like a joke as much as the next person... but this has to be one of the nastiest cakes I've seen!" they wrote.

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Other parents quickly offered their own opinions on the dessert, labelling it "repugnant", "unappetising" and "an abomination".

The original poster said they stumbled across the image while scrolling through their Facebook feed.

"Some bloke put it on a local Facebook site to advertise his wife's cakes!" they said, adding that the 'poo' was actually "mashed Milky Way".

Some parents were inspired to share their own tales of 'baby shower cakes gone wrong'.

"I once went to a baby shower where there was a childbirth cake," one person wrote. "Complete with baby's head crowning, fake blood and even a little poo popping out of the icing bumhole!

"I didn't have a slice!"

To be honest, neither would we if we were offered up a piece.