Alyssa Milano shares her most mortifying parenting moment and… wow.


Alyssa Milano has revealed her most mortifying parenting moment, and honestly, all parents will be thinking “same”.

It’s public, it’s embarrassing, and it’s really gross.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Milano confessed that she once had a very messy experience while confined on a cross-country plane with her son Milo Thomas, now seven.

“Within five minutes of taking off, all of a sudden I was like, He’s gonna throw up!'”said the 45-year-old actress, cupping her hands together.

Uh oh, there’s only one place this can go…

“I put my hands down and I proceeded to catch the vomit in my hands like this.”

Yep. Called it.

“Thank God nobody came after me with a black light because it would’ve been not a pretty picture,” she joked.


The former Charmed star is also mum to her four-year-old daughter Elizabella "Bella" Dylan and recalled being "the happiest pregnant person you could've ever imagined."

"And I was just so amazed at the miracle that was the female body - to see that transition happen and to feel them kick inside, which I still miss," she explained.


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Milano is credited with helping drive the #MeToo movement and has spoken about the importance of raising her children to be 'productive citizens'.

"We are in such a time right now that there's so much chaos and turmoil, and it's really hard to shelter them from that, so we have very deep conversations about what's happening," she told PEOPLE in August.