"My life completely changed." Allira Potter manifested her dream career. Here's how you can too.

Allira Potter manifested her entire career. Literally.

Within a matter of years, the proud Yorta Yorta woman went from working a corporate 9-5 job and "hating" it, to becoming a full-time mindset coach and spiritual healer.

Speaking to Mamamia, the author and host of our latest podcast, Fill My Cupshares exactly how she did it and how you can do the same. 

Listen to the first episode of Fill My Cup, where host Allira Potter shares easy and actionable practises, affirmations and activities that'll help you prep for the week ahead. Post continues after audio. 

Allira Potter's manifestation journey.

Allira has always been spiritual, but it was only a few years back, when she found herself at a low point, that she really tapped into it.

"I sort of hit rock bottom with drugs and alcohol, and I had to turn my life around," the podcast host tells us.

"I got gifted my mum's oracle cards when she passed away, and then when I hit that rock bottom, I found the cards and just kept thinking, maybe this was a sign I need to tap into [it] a little bit more. So I did."

Knowing she wanted to go down a different path and work for herself, Allira took various spiritual development and life coaching courses to educate herself on what manifestation is and how to implement it daily. 


It was then that her life "completely changed".

Manifestation 101.

What is manifestation, you might ask? Well, as Allira explains: "Manifestation is you putting something out to the universe."

"Essentially, you're just saying, I'm allowing love into my life or I'm allowing more abundance to come into my space," she said.

"It's you just curating your reality, if that makes sense."

The first step to manifesting your dreams - whatever they may be - is writing them down on a piece of paper.

For example, "Say you write on a piece of paper, 'I'm allowing $5 to come into my bank account'," Allira said.

"Visualise that $5 already in the bank account and that it's coming... Once you do it, you'll be like, oh my god this works."

Allira says manifestations work for anything you want in your future - whether it's a partner, a financial goal or a career change.

You just need to visualise it and imagine it's already in your space. As Allira puts it, you need to "future-think in present tense."


But don't expect things to manifest overnight, she warns.

"A lot of people get tripped up [thinking], 'Oh, it'll happen tomorrow.' And I'm like, no way, it took me years to manifest my career," Allira said.

"But you have to be open to the change that's going to come."

While Allira prefers writing her manifestations down with a pen and paper, recording them digitally is fine, too. Oh - and you only need to jot them down once.

"I think that's where a lot of people get confused," Allira said. "They write it like six times or nine times and say it under the full moon."

"We have to affirm to ourselves that we're deserving of receiving the love or abundance - so if we're writing it down once, [we] know that it's coming. You don't need to write it 20 times."

And for those that are sceptical about manifesting, Allira has one thing to say to them:

"If you don't believe in the power of manifestation, go ahead and manifest $2. And sure enough, a $2 coin will pop up. Just put it out to the universe and it'll come to you."

Feature Image: Instagram/@allira.potter.

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