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"He's hiding something." The two Bachelorette contestants who have already come out feuding.


Guys, pls.

We’re only one week into Ali Oetjen’s season of The Bachelorette and we already have three and a half pashes, eighteen men named Daniel, dozens of awkward moments (Jules… you’re not an actual photographer), one too many Paddys, and two feuding contestants.

Everyone needs to CHILL.

You see, it appears there’s tension between frontrunners Charlie Newling and Bill Goldsmith, who have both gone and done the classy thing about their feelings and spoken to TV Week. 

Charlie, 31, who was the first man to go on a single date with Ali, told the publication he doesn’t “trust” Bill.

Maybe that’s because in his opening few moments on television, Bill told us his real name isn’t Bill, it’s actually David – which seems super shady.

“He reminds me of her ex, Grant [Kemp],” Charlie said, although it’s entirely unclear whether he’s actually ever met Grant, or is just making an assumption based on what he’s seen on Bachelor in Paradise.

“I can see through him,” Charlie told the magazine. “He’s not being honest with Ali and he’s saying what she wants to hear.”

“He’s the only one who hasn’t shared his story. To me, he’s hiding something.”

Bill, however, insists Charlie never asked him about his past.

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“He didn’t make the effort and I even told him he was the only person who hadn’t asked me about my past,” he says.

Early on, Bill was acutely aware that Charlie didn’t congratulate him on receiving the wild rose.

“He never said, ‘Well done’ or shook my hand,” Bill says.

“He was very jealous, and every time someone came back from a single date, he wouldn’t speak to them for, like, a week.”

Throughout the show, Bill says Charlie was “almost trying to father Ali and act like her spokesperson.”


Can we just all acknowledge how utterly absurd it is that women are accused of being bitchy on reality television?

Because Ali’s season of The Bachelorette takes the term to a whole new level. EVERYONE HATES EACH OTHER AND NOW THEY’RE TELLING MAGAZINES ABOUT IT.

For what it’s worth, there are a number of very convincing signs that suggest Charlie ultimately ends up with Ali. Not only does the 31-year-old feature heavily in the promos for this season, but he also fits all the characteristics Ali says she’s looking for, such as living a healthy lifestyle and being a traditional ‘gentleman’.

But let’s be real – we genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if Ali chooses both Charlie and Bill, and maybe a couple of others too.

She wants all the men, and… fair enough.