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We just found out whether or not The Bachelorette's Charlie is a legit stage five clinger.

On Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Ali Oetjen said goodbye to Cheyne.

Not sure who Cheyne is? That’s OK.

He’s this guy, with the wonderful, healthy looking hair who was wearing a kilt when he left Osher and the bach mansion behind.

HEY CHEYNE. Image: Ten.

Our time with the construction auditor from NSW was short, and didn't involve all that many words. But a silver lining to flying under the radar and being eliminated in the first week is being able to share all the inside information on everyone left in the game.

Speaking of, one of the men who's had the most screen time so far on The Bachelorette is Charlie.


The 31-year-old builder was the first person Ali met on the red carpet on night one, and he appeared to say all the right things. He wants a 'white picket fence'. He wants to settle down and he wants to do it right now. And after his single date on Thursday night, it appears he wants to do it with Ali.

So far, his behaviour has earned him the title of 2018's Jarrod. For context - Jarrod was the one with the pot plant from Sophie Monk's season. The term 'stage five clinger' has been tossed around in lounge roms and on Twitter, so what we really wanted to know from Cheyne is...

Is Charlie actually a stage five clinger, or is the production team fooling us?

"I wouldn't say he's a clinger, but I would say he's very invested in her," the 28-year-old told Mamamia.

"How he talks on camera is how he is in real life. He talks about her with love hearts in his eyes, he came back from that date and he was like, mate, I'm infatuated [with her], she's beautiful. He said the connection on their single date was unreal."

That said, Cheyne, like the rest of us, thought that immediate bond might have something to do with having experienced a terrifying, adrenaline-fuelled situation together (i.e the customary date suspended between two buildings, despite the Bachelorette being afraid of heights...).

"They were in one of the most freaky situations [on their single date], that's not what you'd do on a normal date, you'd get a drink and have a chat, they were both of out of their comfort zones, so I think that freaky situation could've played a part."


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Cheyne himself fell victim to Charlie's level of investment in Ali, with the 31-year-old builder cutting in on his chat with her at the cocktail party. However, Cheyne said it didn't go down exactly as it was portrayed on TV.

"There was one thing Charlie did [we didn't see] - I arranged for Todd [who wore the knight costume in episode one] to come over and interrupt my chat with Ali because I knew Todd hadn't had much time with her, but then Charlie came over, which meant when Todd came over, they'd just started and he was like 'what?!'."

"When Charlie came in, I asked for another five minutes, he walked off and then came back. It was fine, we had a good time talking but I came down to assessing that we we're just too different. There was a lot of conversation from her about wanting a white picket fence, that kind of lifestyle and I'm not into that kind of life, I want to travel with my partner, see the world, maybe live in different countries and all that jazz."

In Cheyne's opinion, we shouldn't be putting all our money on Charlie to win The Bachelorette Australia just yet.

"There are a couple of thoughts here. Bill, who got the wild rose, is as lovely as he is on TV in real life. Todd [who wore the knight suit in episode one] is a genuinely great guy. Taite is also hilarious... Charlie's got a lot of competition."

Are you watching The Bachelorette this year? What do you think of this season so far?