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The awkward detail we missed during last night's final Bachelorette rose ceremony.

During last night’s final Bachelorette rose ceremony, we spotted something. Something rather… awkward. And now we – along with numerous other highly invested fans – are starting to question, well, everything.

As Ali Oetjen was saying goodbye to Bill Goldsmith, the camera panned to a side-profile shot of her. Despite the strategically placed hairs from Ali’s wispy ponytail, we couldn’t help but notice the Bachelorette was sporting a barely (but definitely) there nude earpiece.

See it?

Ali Bachelorette earpiece editing fail
WHAT. Image: Channel 10.
Ali Bachelorette earpiece editing fail
IS. Image: Channel 10.
Ali Bachelorette earpiece editing fail
THIS. Image: Channel 10.

We began to speculate. Have producers been feeding lines to Ali this entire time? Is the show, in fact, entirely scripted? Is Ali there not for love, but for the Instagram likes? So many questions.

And this isn't the first time this has happened either.

In his 2017 run on The Bachelor, Matty J was also caught wearing an earpiece, which led to similar accusations of reality-TV staging, and the like.

At the time a spokesperson for Channel 10 advised the Daily Mail that this was done during Rose Ceremonies so the Bachelor or Bachelorette can remain connected to the director in case "there are technical difficulties with cameras, audio and lighting".

"Once they get the all clear, they can continue with the Rose Ceremony proceedings. The Bachelor or Bachelorette never wears an earpiece during a cocktail party or on dates," they said.

At the time of the 'scandal' an unnamed Bachelorette told the Sydney Morning Herald that this was probably done so producers could control the order the roses were given out to create the most amount of suspense possible.

"Those who had been fighting that week would be the last to get a rose for dramatic effect," they said.

Look, we're well aware of that. But please let us believe at least some of the romance is real.

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