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Grant Kemp has pulled a malicious stunt on ex Ali Oetjen, with the worst possible timing.


The Bachelorette final airs tonight and so, right on cue, Grant Kemp is back with some uh, updates on that whole #stairgate thing.

For anyone who missed the stairs incident, and/or erased it from their memory, I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible:

When current Bachelorette Ali Oetjen and Grant broke up shortly after Bachelor in Paradise, Grant told the media there was a salacious story behind the end of their relationship.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O in May, Grant described the moment he caught a “guy going down on [Ali] on the stairs” to his apartment. “I kicked her out that night,” he said.

Then in October, just as Australia was preparing to watch the first episode of The Bachelorette, the Daily Mail published a story where Grant shared his and Ali’s private text messages about the incident.

And once again, after we’d finally collectively rubbed the stairs from our memory, Grant has returned to stir the pot a little more.

Why won’t this guy just go away?

The Daily Mail published comments from an exclusive interview with Grant just hours before part one of the Bachelorette finale on Wednesday.

Grant & Ali Bachelor In Paradise
Grant & Ali on Bachelor In Paradise. Image: Instagram

In the article, Grant said he believed the reason the stairs incident happened was because he wasn't into public displays of affection.


He described the moments leading up to the incident, claiming Ali began the night where they were out partying with his friends in Los Angeles being "all over him" and needed to "chill".


"People know that we're with each other, you don't need to be grabbing me every two seconds... it's kind of a lot," he said.

He claimed that because he wasn't into the PDA, Ali flirted with his friends and "flat-out ignored him" for hours before engaging in what he called "attention-seeking behaviour".

"I told her flat out, I'm not one of those people where I'm dating you I'm going to be all over you in the club. I don't need to be holding your hand every five seconds," Grant explained.

"It doesn't have anything to do with how I feel about you."

He claimed the stairs thing happened within 15 minutes of the group arriving home.

"So that's kind of the vibe going into that situation... It was one of those things, we weren't in a good place before it happened but at the same time we definitely weren't in a bad enough place for something that disrespectful."

Mamamia has contacted Ali and Network Ten for comment.

When Grant released their texts to the Daily Mail last month, Ali told Mamamia it felt "horrible" to hear the stories Grant had been sharing with the media.

"If you have an ex saying stuff about what you discussed in your relationship – someone that you trusted – and now it's out there, it’s not very nice," she said.

"I feel like he's just someone who's trying to ride this wave and get his name in the headlines all the time and he's succeeding."

We can't help but feel she hit the nail on the head. It must've been really horrible to be cheated on like that and Grant has every right to feel hurt and betrayed, but we can't help being suspicious of his timing.

The first Daily Mail interview came on the day of the Bachelorette premiere, and this latest interview on the week of the final. This is definitely not a coincidence.

No one needed to hear about the erm, very vivid recollection of what happened on the stairs in the first place - and we definitely don't need to keep hearing about it - especially when Ali has moved on and is about the reveal her Bachie winner (we're hopeful she won't pull a Honey Badger).

Grant and Ali's relationship ended badly but that does not give him an excuse to continually drag his ex through the media and take the spotlight off her big Bachelorette moments and onto him and the goddamn stairs.

Grant, just let it go, and let Ali have her moment.

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